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Brakes failure

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Wojciech Swirydowicz, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys
    Just tried first two runs in Championship and in both of first 2 attempts my brakes just failed after 18-20 minutes. Didn't actually noticed if it was overheating as i didn't have this particular info up in the box. Had also few minor fender benders in 1st lap.
    I was doing 25 mins races with time scaled mechanical failures, stock setup. Any of You guys experience this kind of trouble?
  2. no, i did 2 races of 50 minutes and no troubles with brakes, mechalical failures
  3. I've noticed a lot of brake failures and what seem to be stuck throttles. If I'm on the limit in 4th gear the throttle will stick and it's nigh on impossible to slow it down again.

    I'm guessing it's a bug as opposed to super realism. If not, then thumbs up!
  4. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Brake failures, blown tires, engine overheating are all modelled to happen in longer distance races if pushed too hard throughout. Some management is indeed required.

    A brake failure under less than 20min of running is not normal though, do you remember the model you were running? Was the brake setup changed at all?
  5. Thanks for the answers guys.
    Brakes were at stock set. 90% pressure and 70:30 bb. Races were as part of championship so I'm not 100% sure but most likely i put mechanical failures at x2. Icant check it now coz it's covered in options screen with the lock. I also throttle brake a lot - iracing skippy habits ;) so it might be my driving :)
  6. I have raced over 150 laps against the AI...I never seen any brake fade.
  7. OK guys. I need to bring this topic back. I ran another race in my championship, and again, after 20 mins of racing i had brakes failure again. This time i was taking it really easy and smooth to don't overheat anything. Then i went a bit wide on one of the corners (4 wheel on grass) and after this i was unable to brake for the next bend. Off track, car damaged, back to pits and again "brakes" is shown as the reason behind my DNF.
    Maybe it's just this particular Truck, it's no. 50 Iveco.
    I'll start new Championship with differrent car and let u know if problem repeat itself. Cheers.
  8. What track did you use? I ran a couple of 1 hr races in Brasilia and Velopark, no problems with brakes whatsoever.
  9. This Happened on few tracks during my champioship. It's the particular truck maybe :)
  10. Do you ride the brakes a lot ? Since many simracers do so, it wouldn't surprise me if that was your problem , effectively cooking the brakes :)
  11. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    Yes brake + throttle is not to be used, only when in neutral or with the clutch pressed. It would in a way be a nice feature if this results in brake failure, got to adapt your style if you want to survive! :)
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  12. I get that. Like i said i was very gentle and did not throttle brake. The only thing that makes me wonder why the failure happened right after the off track. Same was in previous cases, i didn't knew it was the reason after I recreated that situation. Now I really think that going off track was the reason for the failure.
  13. Hi,
    I had the same issue, but I realized that if i go 25 minutes with mechanical failiure to 2x I had no brakes round about 15 - 20 minutes. It is unpossible to finish the race even if you nurse the truck home from lap 1...

    In an other race I did 50 minutes with mechanichal failiure "normal" and had no brake problems at all, so maybe the problem is in this multiplication thing

    Cheers hundiie