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brake size

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by realmadrid77, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. anybody tell me if brake size be unlocked in carrer mode?? sinse I drive a lotus renault as 1 pilot and can`t unlocked???
  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    You need to complete R&D to develop your car and "unlock" brake options in your setup screen.
  3. hi i complete all my r&d with lotus-renault as first driver the r&d map was agressive but the brake size is not unlock now i start my last season in mclaren with hamilton as partner i think that the brake size is a bug in carrer mode or is not unlock because in f1 2010 can`t unlock too!!! this is dissapoinment !!!
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    if you do the r&d and stay with the team for the next season you may see it there.
  5. James, sry to inform you but that´s not the way it works either.
    I am on my 2nd season, just done Monaco, still with Williams. Option to choose size of brakes is unavailable, for whatever the reason.
    Just thought of.... Could it be the racelength? I´m running long weekends, 20%.
    How about you realmadrid, what is the length of race you´re running?
  6. hi veckson I`m running 20% race shorts weekends,in f1 2010 has the same problen I run as first driver in all the teams and never can unlock the brake size!! in f1 2011 I run 2 seasons with renault as first driver petrov was my teammate and in the r+d map has complete all the squares then renew my contract with the team but brake size still unavailable!!!
  7. I forgot to write that the r+d map used in renault was aggressive
  8. I dont think anything like R&D or any other settings should have effect on brake size choices. Weird.
  9. It cannot be unlocked.
    Under the FIA regulations for Brake discs:
    11.3.2 All discs must have a maximum thickness of 28mm and a maximum outside diameter of 278mm.

    Your brakes are already as large as it can be without breaking the current rules of the sport.
    That option in the game's menu is probably redundant code, from a time when brake sizes could be changed.

    All the real F1 cars have a brake size of 278mm already, to put bigger brakes in would break the rules (pun intended :tongue:).
    So the game correctly reflects real world rules of the sport.

    If it is unlockable as James suggests, then it shouldn't be, in my opinion if EA are going for authenticity.

    <edit> In fact 2007 was the last time that the brakes could be between 300mm and 305mm. In 2008, brakes had to be a max of 278mm.
    The new 2008 rules were announced mid 2007. So coding for the F1 game could have started way back in 2007, which had brake size changes. If the rules ever change again, the code is already in there.
  10. And yet, you can change Brake size in TT, GP, Multiplayer...
  11. BIG UP to Codies for the realism in career mode! Did'nt spot that one!
  12. That rule only say maximum, there is no minimum.

    From what I'v heard from a f1 commentator is that a smaller size brakes could increase the aerodynamic at the cost of cooling. Could be acrazy commentator, but this was discussed during this years monza. And that is just the thing, the size will regulate the amount of heat it builds and get rid off. So I believe you can apt for smaller breaks to keep a higher temp during race if the track is a light wear on brakes.

  13. We are clearly talking about career mode.
    Yes, we know brake size can be change in those other modes. You can even give a Lotus KERS in Multiplayer.
    You can do lots of things in those modes that don't reflect FIA rules.
  14. True, but it doesn't seem like any of the teams think it's a good idea to be using smaller brake discs and opting out of the cooling ducts. Cooling ducts make a difference aerodynamically, but nothing that would outweigh the benefits of larger brakes. And you would get swamped by cars at every corner because they can outbrake the car with smaller brakes.

    Suppose you could get away with it on a track that doesn't need any hard braking.
    But certainly not at Monza, at the first corner after the front straight. You need good brakes for that corner alone.
  15. ok so the brake size can`t be unlock in career mode in f1 2011 and even in f1 2010? that right o false? in other forums I heard people who can unlock the brake size in career mode. the fia reglamentation says of a maximum brake size but I think you can change for smaller.
    other thing if the game reflect the true reglamentations of the fia why in other modes can change the brake size??
  16. Actually in F1 2010, I could use a different brake disc size.

    But in F1 2011, I did finish a season in force india, but it never got unlocked. I think its a bug
  17. I thought it was just the size of brake duct you are changing, not the actual brakes? Bigger brake ducts for more cooling in somewhere like singapore with lots of braking and not needing as much aero-effiency, as opposed to monza where you can run smaller ducts to gain more aero streamline at a cost of slower cooling
  18. ok so vraev can you tell me how can you change the brake size disc in f1 2010? because I can`t be unlocked in any team?
  19. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Surely it's more about calliper sizes and brake ducts in this game?

    Lighter (smaller) callipers and ducts for high speed, for tracks that are easier on the brakes, like Silverstone. Thus saving weight or having less drag.

    Isn't it?

    EDIT: Whoops, I didn't realise there was a page 2 in this thread, before replying .....
  20. You can't just whack on weight saving parts to an F1 car.
    The car still needs to meet a minimum weight. If you use smaller brake discs and reduce weight, the weight must be bolstered up elsewhere. Wouldn't you just use the bigger brake size (up to the max 278mm) and gain the benefits of better stopping?