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Brake Settings in R3E

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by SnappyDEe, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. I have Fanatec CSP V2 pedals. Can anyone recommend brake settings in game that could help me out? It seems like everyone else on track out brakes me into corners. I am currently running the sensitivity at 65%. I realize it could be a number of issues but any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. you may know better th an i, but as far as i know load cell pedals like v2s should have 100% sensitivity. the 50% thing is for...w.e the cheap pedals schmucks like me use.
  3. Well...I turned the sensitivity down to 50% ( I have a DFGT) and didn`t notice any difference, so out of curiosity turned it down to 0%. And didn`t really notice any difference.
  4. @yusupov - I'm going to go ahead and try 100%. See what happens. I shall post up my results tomorrow. Thanks guys.
  5. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Got the same problems. Somehow i cant modulate the brakes. Either i brake too soft and miss the corner or i lock the brakes. Seems like i cant brake on the very limit that wheel just wont lock.
    At Monza with the ADAC Mercedes i have to brake before 200mtr sign on the straight after start finish otherwise i miss the chicane. Using stock T500 pedals. I have set the sensitivity to zero with a and still the brakes lock when i slightly tough the brakes.
  6. Well, I tried 85% sensitivity with good results. I'm able to brake a bit later and there is no instant lock up. I think I'm going to go ahead and set them to 100%. Thanks for all the responses guys.
  7. What are you running the loadcell at? I found it a lot easier to adjust my braking in all sims after I started lowering the sensitivity on the loadcell, so that I need to use more force to brake.
    I've tuned the knob on the pedals so that it is nigh on impossible for me to reach 100% brake pressure ingame, makes it hard to lock up but easy to adjust my braking.
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  8. Ahh, this is an excellent idea. I always set the dial to 100%. I'll back it off a bit to give your method a try. I definitely lowered my braking distances by going from 65% to 85% but I will continue to tinker. Thanks for the advice.:)
  9. adacgtmasters braking, on one side good, but my poor dfgt-pedals make breaking bit harder now, i sometimes miss the point to release the break and car starts to spin, so most time i break a bit earlier, not too hard. i miss the feedback, not sure wether on ffb or on pedals or even soundwise.

    do other pedals of g27 or fanatec have some kind of vibration on the brake-pedal?
  10. The Fanatec Clubstport pedals has a vibration motor which by default only vibrates when you reach a preset amount of brake pressure (you can adjust this on Fanatec wheels, dunno how you would do without a Fanatec wheel).
    But using the Fanaleds application you can have it vibrate when you actually loose traction, at least on most games.
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  11. Please consider that as far as I know the sensitivity setting does not really change the sensitivity but the progression of the break signal from your controller.

    For a "normal" (with normal I mean no load cell) break pedal this means that no matter what you set there, if you push the pedal 100% to the end you will have 100% break pressure but the progression to 100% changes. As far as I know setting the sensitivity to 50% means having a fully linear progression - you push the break pedal 20% down, you will have 20% breake pressure, 40% break pedal position means 40% break presssure and so on till 100%.

    Changing this setting higher than 50% means that you will have a progression that rises more at the beginning, but less in the end. Lower than 50% means the opposite - less progression at the beginning, more at the end.

    At least this is my knowledge - if anybody knows better feel free to correct me. ;)

    I don't know how load cell pedal drivers convert the load cell signals to input signals, but it has to be somewhat different since a load cell has no fixed limit. I don't own a load cell break myself, but taking the above into consideration and thinking that a load cell break should somehow simulate a real break pedal in itself, I think that for load cell breaks a setting of 50% sensitivity should be fine.

    For my T500 RS with the so called "realistic break mod" a setting of 0% sensitivity has proven to be fine for me. It comes quite close to the behaviour of a real break.

    Considering the characeristic of a real break a low sensitivity setting seems the most realistic for non load cell breaks - but in the end it also depends on what everybody likes and/or is used to.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Cheers... :cool:
  12. Is there a pedal UI app anywhere?
    Normally I figure out braking pressure by watching the app and seeing how lockup occurs, but no pedal UI is a challenge in R3E. My braking distances are awful as a result.