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Brake Sensitivity

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jack Sargent, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know if you can adjust the brake sensitivity in the options menu??

    I am not talking about the strength of the brakes which is adjustable in the garage screen. I want to set a higher sensitivity so my brakes build "pressure" faster. I see I can set a min and max range on the pedal but I don't see any setting for sensitivity.

    I am using a NIXIM brake mod and wanted to set it up to work better.

    Appologies if it is very obvious.
  2. Maybe checking "use linear brake" option will help.
    settings>controller>advanced tab and bottom left corner
  3. Yeah I saw that option but I thought linear was for load cell brakes???

    I don't want it linear, I want about 60-70% sensitivity so the braking force builds up faster.

    In RACE 07 or GSC I can just adjust a slider to get the desired setting.
  4. I'll give that a download. Thanks.
  5. So when using a load cell I should set it to linear? Sry for the OT question Jack.
  6. No worries, it's on topic really.

    I understand that you should use linear settings for the brake if using a load cell.......I could be wrong.....I don't have one myself.

    If that is the case that you need to check that to make it linear then I guess the brake is not actually linear to begin with.......
  7. Hmm, I did a search and found this;
    "Added "non linear" brake settings for professional pedalboards"

    It's from the 1.3 patch notes which can be found and read over here;

    Now question is if the CSP Elite are considered a "professional pedalboard" lol
  8. As i understand linear settings is for pedals with potentiometers where spring tension is constant across pedal travel. If you have load cell brake you may wan't to start braking when pedal gets heavy. So non linear setting allow to reduce braking level around starting pedal position.
    But i may be wrong (again), I only have G27 pedals.
  9. I'm gonna pull some major guessing out of my arse and say this;
    In a real car the car won't break at all the first bit of travel, but the closer you get to flooring it the more breakpower you get (as well as the pedal getting heavier). So maybe nKPro is simulating this increase in breaking power when using a completely linear breakpedal such as a potentiometer pedal, to make it feel a bit more realistic. But if you have a loadcell pedal you don't want the game to modulate the signal since you already have the loadcell doing the job for you (making it harder to press the pedal to get the same amount of signal out).
    So basically it would be the opposite of what Maciej said, linear setting is for loadcell since you want it to react linearily to the input of the pedal. But I'm just guessing as mentioned. :)

    Dunno if I got my point across, but I have some graphis in my head that would visualize it pretty well I think, dunno if I'm able to get them out of my head and to the screen though :p
  10. I tried this setting yesterday, and what a difference it made! All of a sudden I could actually drive the Osella without loosing the car in every corner haha.
    It made breaking feel much more natural. Placebo maybe, but I liked it a lot.
  11. I think your guesses are right and actually answered my opening question.......sort of.

    The brake must non linear by default and set to act like it does in a real car for potentiometer brake pedals. Therefore me looking for sensitivity settings is pointless because the brake already behaves roughly in the way I want it to.
  12. Ok, guys, finally trying the game and think the brakes are extremely sensible. Not feeling this in any other simulator. Didn't find nothing specific to change it, do you know how can we adjust that? Right now, no matter the speed i go, the brakes lock up if i press more than 25/30% of the pedal, is that normal?
  13. Try reducing the brake settings in the setup screen when you're in the garage.
  14. Will try it, thanks.
  15. Before you adjust the sensitivity, you could try changing the brake bias if you haven't already. I've found every car I've tried in nkpro to have the bias way to much towards the rear on default settings, so my rears will lock up even if I try to break gently. In case you're not sure if this is what's plaguing you here's how to judge it;
    If the bias is too far back, your rears lock easily and you'll feel the tail of the car slide even if you brake without turning.
    If its too far ahead your front wheels lock up, there's no such feel of instability in the car as with rear bias, instead it'll just try to go straight forward. Too much bias to the front prob doesn't unbalance your car (correct me if I'm wrong guys), but you'll have less braking power, have to brake earlier and your brakes will likely overheat.
  16. I have the same problem with a breakes, but only for the first few turns. Then everything back to normal - it's very annoying when you dont have time to beat a few corners before the race

    Im using G27 and standard Logitech Profiler
  17. Then in your case it's probably lack of heat in the tires, might be my issue too but the bias solved ^^
  18. You are wrong pal. This has nothing to do with tires or brake temp, because it doesn't happen every time when I hit a track. And I always have brand new tires
  19. I posted this in so many threads and i can post once more i guess:)

    DXTweak2 ... a software that allows you to calibrate the 3 pedals ... works excellent to stop brakes locking the wheels ... if you need any help how to configur just tell ... i will help ... it may look confuse in beggining but its very simple in the end:D