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Brag about your rating!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Ingemar Petersson, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Just need to brag abit just got up to Bclass in road and ovals. :):)
    Not to bad for a old man......... :):)
    As today Aclass in ovals :):):)
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Hehehe well done Ingo :)
  3. Well done!
  4. nicely done :) I'm set for promotion in both series, to b class, after the upcoming 13th week. I may get there sooner in road though because i canned the v8's and bought the star mazda, which is simply an amazing drive. up to a 3.75. Cant wait to get to the rolex cars
  5. well done, Ingo, I am still waiting for promotion in Oval C, heard that trucks are loads of fun to drive
  6. Oyes big fun :) but also very hard on the small ovals , there are some good setups in the forums so remember check in there.
    good luck
  7. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Okay here we go BRAGGING:
    Road: 2.6 Pro 4600 iRating
    Oval: 3.7 ROOKIE! :D
  8. Grats all. I won't brag (nothing to brag about) but I will inform that I am B licence road (3.64) and D licence oval (3.47). Was contemplating racing up my road to an A in week 13, to see if I can get a head-start on aiming for Pro, but remembered the carnage of the last week 13 and my promise to myself to steer clear this time around (some crazy people turn up in week 13 :D ).
  9. just joined a month ago, and should be getting my B road license with week 13 promotions. Still pretty slow in most races, but i'm starting to get a decent ammount of top 5's in cars i've got some laps with.
  10. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Puts on Bragging hat on

    Road: 3.64 Class D
    Oval: A pathetic 2.56 Rookie
    ttRating: 1600
    iRating: 2019
  11. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I have both Oval en Road on B for half a year or so... Still need some rating points to get A, but had no time the last months and lost interest a bit. But since Bram convinced me to start playing iRacing again and I enjoyed my test this afternoon I am sure I will finally go into some events again in the upcoming new season, going for the A license on both Oval and Road. :)
  12. Well I wasn't a big fan of iRacing and have been off and on in the past, but boy oh boy to see how realistic and fun the racing is, is amazing! I've done 2 races with the Star Mazda at Laguna this week. Finished P7 with a clean race in the first one. Made a few mistakes in the race I had just now and ended up with P11 after starting at the back. But I'm up to a Road - Rookie 3.69. If I can get it to a 4.0 by Tuesday I should get promoted to a D license correct?
  13. I believe that if you have raced in 4 events or 4 time trials and your safety rating is above 3 then you will be promoted to D on Tuesday.

    Open up your iRacing page and hover your cursor over the MPR next to your helmet and it tells you if your ready for promotion.

    Bringing your safety rating to 4 during a season will "fast track" you to the next level.
  14. It says I have completed my MPR. And that I've completed standard license progression. Promotion in the works?? :)
  15. on iRacing page go to events->calendar, there you can see exactly when is promotion taking place, in your case it is Monday 2.8. or faster if your SR is 4+
  16. Will, I think you are going to fall in love with iRacing again. I don't know of another sim where the developers stay in such close communication with the end users. iRacing may not be perfect, but that is there aim: to get as close to perfection as possible. And the best thing is that they implement changes that are requested by their customers: get a discussion going about a particular trait (something you think is not right), get enough noise going, and you will see a staff member jump into the discussion.

    If enough people agree and 'politely' make the point, iRacing look at it. Most of the changes I have seen in the builds released this year have been on the back of consumer demand.

    You don't get that from any other title (although I stand to be corrected) :D.
  17. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    I'm never gonna brag again lol. My SR is going down now that I am in D class. I have mostly lost points from others mistakes especially the last two nights. I think I'll stick to test runs until Week 13 ends.
  18. Stay away from week 13!!! It is the gates to hell and SR purgatory...
  19. http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1111051&postcount=56

    take a look here, with higher classes you are expected to have more corners per incident (CPI)
  20. Just got promoted today to Class D!! Woohoo!! Bring on the Skippy! :)