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Skins BR Petrobras Williams-Mercedes Benz Team Pack 1.0

Full teampack= car,pit,racecrew,driver suits,garage, steering wheel, cutscene suits,helmets,menu pic

  1. w1n1x submitted a new resource:

    BR Petrobras Williams-Mercedes Benz Team Pack - Full teampack= car,pit,racecrew,driver suits,garage, steering wheel, cutscene suits,helmets,menu pic

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  2. thanks. i hope you sort your problems out.:cool:
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  3. excellent thank you
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  4. Hi all. First of all I would like to give big thanks to my @Wilmer Chavez mate for the beautiful steering wheel. And to @Gerald Chinoy for the great helmets. :thumbsup:This is probably my last upload for this game and my last upload for any other CM game for 2 or 3 months. (Only for f1 2013 game I stopped modding) . So thanks to all who has been supporting me so far. Use this last masterpiece from me and Gerald and from Wilmer as you wish. Bye bye CM f1 2013 you have been a disappointing game :speechless:
    I will see you soon f1 2012 game to finish the 2003 season mod.:cool:
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  5. NICE!
  7. Thank you all.
  8. Jesus I almost forgot to give thanks to @aagancia for the menu driver pictures. Thanks mate :thumbsup:
  9. Great work m8 i will 100% put this on my game
  10. Thanks. Good to hear that you like it.
  11. I Agree totally I am sit here @home and feel totally lost find myself just staring at the TV,
    The game now is unmoddable in 2013 and between that and RD Taking away external links ,
    Its just ruined the experience upto and just over xmas I always get excited when creating and releasing mods but now the enthusiasm as dried up,
    Online since I started playing on PC Games from the console , Online in these F1 Games is a joke last night and today on 2012 and 2013 I am just sat in the lobbies with no people playing same when 2013 came out the multiplayer is bad,
    On 360 the F1 Games online are full lobbies all the time I wish I had never sold it ,
    I can not even be bothered to wait for 2014 to come out at the end of the season ,
    As soon as the Devkit is released for the XBOX ONE I might get excited again as then I can update all the cars,
    mod edit: stop hating
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2014
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    Is joking mate:roflmao:,This work is awesome, soon the 2003 mod;).
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  13. I Just figured something out after 1 week of trying ,
    When you import cars from F1 2012 / F1 2013 The livery is all messed up , So straight away it leaves a bad taste at the back of your mouth ,
    So after trying to edit the PSSG Files and export and import the attributes , I then had an idea to test the UV Map with a UV Test Map what was numbered and finally got somewhere ,
    The cars are somehow loosing there UV Orientation and its hard to figure out,
    This is the 2012 car within the 2013 game with my UV Test Map :thumbsup:
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  14. Just let F1 2013, enough of headaches,return to F1 2012.
    And pray why F1 2014 not be as disappointing as F1 2013.
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  15. How its looking is that you would have to get a Good UV Test map and start the cars again in 2013,
    This image is the top car with my UV Test map in photoshop from 2012 ,
    And the bottom car the 2012 car in 2013 , So you can remake the liveries its just a nightmare :thumbsup:
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  16. Ugly?:devilish: Joke. Hopefully at march I can return back to modding. Lol writing from smart phone is one tough sh*t to do. Slow and I mess up a lot of words lol.
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  17. Lol the bottom car looks like a word puzzle. :roflmao: For the 2013 models they must have been writing the word "cr*p" or :poop: on the cars in the uv maps lol. Ops sry too much Codemasters hate going hhere :barefoot:
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  18. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    I think your UV map is repeating. And imagine doing this for every car on the grid. Don't bother doing this. Maybe you should try to make F1 2012 have F1 2013 handling, tyre wear, and then re-skin the cars
  19. I Have already done the physics for 2012 I did that a couple of days ago , I posted a link to a kid who,s making the 2014 season for 2012 but hes not replied so I never bothered uploading it ,
    I was playing with it earlier and its not 2013 or 2012 , It must be 2014 mod , it handles different slightly to both games , But I only have my own judgement on this one :thumbsup: