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Skins Boxer Cup Temporary Template V.1.0

homemade "template" to use until Reiza releases the real one (.PSD Format)

  1. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

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  2. Is the Boxer Cup even in the game yet?
  3. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

  4. Huh, my Steam doesn't show the news post. Strange
  5. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    maybe in the offline modus ?
  6. Pretty sure I'm online. Might be because I'm still on an old version of AMS
  7. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    Make sure you have not a beta selected: right-click the game, Properties -> Betas,"None" should be selected.
  8. I'm using the old version because my wheel stopped working with 8.9. Updating to 9.3 soon though
  9. Thanks for sharing and congrts for your work. ;)
    I did some tests but I had trouble, I do not know where I am sinning, but the skins are left with excessive shine.
    With a lot of persistence could take, but do not know what I did to solve.
    I am also not getting a good definition.

    Any hints?

    2 Fictional skins.
    FALCON.jpg FALKEN.jpg
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  10. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    Good news for us.
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