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Other Boxer Cup - No LCD & Low LCD Position Mod + Steering Wheel Skins 1.2

No LCD & Low LCD Position Mod + Steering Wheel Skins for Boxer Cup

  1. Tommi-TAG submitted a new resource:

    Boxer Cup - No LCD & Low LCD Position Mod + Steering Wheel Skins - No LCD & Low LCD Position Mod + Steering Wheel Skins for Boxer Cup

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Thank you soo much Tommi ! Im my case that lcd was only disturbing my view. Tried in multiplayer, and no problems :)
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  3. Where do you put files, readme is not working on download for me.
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  4. @Dennis Tulk I have put the files directly in the main folder, I use the option for no lcd and steering wheel with porsche logo.
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  5. Thank you very much for your comment and feedback, Paulo Gomes.
    Also, thanks for your kind help about installation. I've just been writing my replies to you. :)
    AMS is under EA, and in-game server browser is not working at the moment. I tried, but it was hard to find the working Boxer Cup servers via Steam Client Server List. So, your feedback is a great help to me. I'll edit and add the description, "This Mod can be used both in Single-player & Online Multi-player" later.
    Thanks again for your feedback and help! :)
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  6. Thanks for your comment, Dennis Tulk.
    It's FAQ and confusing for the first time. :)
    As Paulo Gomes kindly explained above, and as I wrote in the Readme, please put the files into either of the following directories. (You don't have to install the files into both directories.)

    Also, please refer to "01-1 Installation directory 1.png" and "01-2 Installation directory 2 (Alternative).png" included in the archive, too.
    I attached the same pics below.

    <Installation directory 1> (Usually, this works.)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista
    (Note: The location where "AMS.exe" is.)


    <Installation directory 2 (Altenative)>
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles
    (Note: The location where "BoxerCup" folder is.)


    Hope this helps. And please let me know if you have any further questions.
    Thank you! :)

    And thanks again to @Paulo Gomes for kind help! :)
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  7. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Thanks for this mod, racing the Boxer became quite a bit easier by removing the LCD. Had a lot of fun racing the Boxers at Mendig this morning
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  8. Hi Tommi
    Try both installation locations and not working for me.
    I have triple screens, could that be a problem?
  9. Thanks for your comment here too, PieterN. :)
    All thanks to Reiza team that developed great Boxer Cup car & LCD and granted permission to edit this Mod.
    And yes, Mendig is a really great track to race on and nice to drive with Boxer Cup and Copa Montana. I'm also going to enjoy racing on Mendig this weekend ! :)
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  10. Hi, Dennis.
    Ok, I understood. The final solution that works 100% is to pack the Modded files into MAS files.
    I'll write a tutorial how to do it. Please give me some time. :)
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
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  11. Cheers Mate
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  12. @Dennis Tulk

    Thanks for waiting. :)
    I want to upload the packed files if I can. But the files size of "BoxerCup.mas + BoxerCup_Maps.mas" is about 97.8 MB, and it's hard to upload everything with packed version. So, please Unpack & Repack ".MAS" files by yourself.

    This might be helpful for everyone who has the same problem, and I wrote a Step-by-Step tutorial this time. Please follow the instruction.

    1) Please download "MAS2Files Files2MAS for AMS Boxer Cup.7z" and unzip it on the desktop.
    (Credit: Thanks to Luigi Auriemma for this tool.)

    *** Download ***

    MAS2Files Files2MAS for AMS Boxer Cup

    MAS2Files Files2MAS for AMS Super V8

    *** Tutorial ***

    The following tutorial is about Boxer Cup.
    (Please do the same about Super V8 if necessary.)

    Please download "AMS Boxer Cup No LCD & Low LCD Position.7z" (from here) and unzip it on the desktop.
    (I think you've already done this. ;))

    2) Please go to the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\BoxerCup

    And you can find "BoxerCup.mas" & "BoxerCup_Maps.mas" there.

    3) Make a backup of these two .MAS files.

    4) Copy & paste "BoxerCup.mas" & "BoxerCup_Maps.mas" into "MAS2Files Files2MAS for AMS Boxer Cup" folder (unzipped above).

    Unpack .MAS files

    5) Click on "01-1 Unpack - BoxerCup.MAS.bat" and unpack "BoxerCup.mas" file.
    => "BoxerCup" folder will be created in the same place.

    Also, click on "01-2 Unpack - BoxerCup_Maps.MAS.bat" and unpack "BoxerCup_Maps.mas" file.
    => "BoxerCup_Maps" folder will be created in the same place.

    Replace the original files with Modded files

    6) Next, copy & paste the Modded files into "BoxerCup" & "BoxerCup_Maps" folders (created above).

    The points of this step are as follows.

    - Copy & paste ".GMT" files => into "BoxerCup" folder.
    - Copy & paste ".DDS" & ".BMP" files => into "BoxerCup_Maps" folder.
    - And always "overwrite" the existing files.

    Repack .MAS files

    7) Next, click on "02-1 Repack - BoxerCup.MAS.bat" and repack "BoxerCup.mas" file.
    => Modded "BoxerCup.mas" file will be created in the same place.

    Also, click on "02-2 Repack - BoxerCup_Maps.MAS.bat" and unpack "BoxerCup_Maps.mas" file.
    => Modded "BoxerCup_Maps.mas" file will be created in the same place.

    8) Copy & Paste the Modded "BoxerCup.mas" & "BoxerCup_Maps.mas" files (created above) back into the Automobilista's original directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\BoxerCup

    And overwirite the original ones.

    9) Run Automobilista and check if the Modded files work.

    That's it. ;)

    I think it's not easy to understand the steps above with only text tutorial for the first time. And I uploaded a video tutorial below.
    Please read and watch both tutorials, and you can understand how to unpack & repack .MAS files, I think.

    I've been using "MAS2Files Files2MAS" tool since Windows XP era for a long time. And the tool worked/works on any Windows system that I used so far. I think the tool works for you, too.

    Hope this helps and you can solve the problem. :)

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2016
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  13. Tommi-TAG updated Boxer Cup - No LCD & Low LCD Position Mod + Steering Wheel Skins with a new update entry:

    According to the Official Update EA v0.9.6 (corrected off-center LCD), I updated the related files.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  14. Hello.
    Thanks for your support. :)
    According to the Official Update EA v0.9.6 by Reiza Studios (corrected off-center LCD display), I edited the related files and updated the Mod to Ver.1.1.
    (Thanks to Reiza Studios for the update. :))

    The change in Ver.1.1 is as follows.

    *** Changelog ***
    - I updated all "BOXCUP_INT_DETAIL.GMT" files in the next package.

    Install Step 1 - LCD Mod

    About installation, simply copy & paste the new files and overwrite the old ones.
    (You don't have to uninstall the old files.)

    - I did not change any files in the following packages.

    Install Step 2 - [Optional] Steering Wheel Skin - Porsche Logo
    Install Step 3 - [Optional] Adjusted Side Mirrors

    I tested all files, but please let me know if there's any problem. I'll fix it asap.
    Thank you. :)


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  15. That was quick!! thank you very much Tommi :)
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  16. Thanks for your reply, Paulo. :)
    Slightly off-center LCD MoTec Display has been reported on Reiza Studios Official Forum since Boxer Cup's Beta release. And finally, it was updated (thanks to Reiza Car Dev Team!).
    Fortunately, I had time this weekend and could update the Mod soon.
    Also, Copa Montana & Mendig became public, and we are busy on racing this weekend. :thumbsup:
    Thanks again for your kind message! :)
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  17. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Hi Tommi,


    (C) [Optional] Adjusted Side Mirrors - Adjusted the position and the aspect ratio of "Side Mirrors".

    Could you have a look at the side-mirror's of the Super V8 as well ? I don't think the angle of those mirror's is very good. It's hard to see what's behind...
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  18. Hi, PieterN.
    Thanks for your interest and suggestion. :)
    I think Reiza Studios Car Dev Team is planning to adjust the mirrors of all cars in the late development because they are very busy now on the developments of the new cars. It is one of the reasons why I asked for Reiza Studios permission to edit mirrors prior to the official update (Thanks again to Reiza Studios :)). And I'm also an AMS fan waiting for the update of the mirrors.
    I think it's ok to edit the mirrors of some cars privately. I'm going to look into it and post the adjusted mirrors here if it's possible. Please give me some time. :)
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2016
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  19. @PieterN

    Thanks for waiting.
    I've completed the Mod and uploaded the files here.

    As always, thanks to Reiza Studios for the original Games and the files. :)

    *** Download ***

    AMS Super V8 Adjusted Side Mirrors


    *** Note ***

    The aspect ratio of the default "MIRROR.BMP" is the same.

    4096 : 256 (Boxer Cup's) = 5120 : 320 (Super V8's)

    So, it's ok to overwrite "MIRROR.BMP".
    Usually, "higher resolution = better details". I recommend you to use Super V8's "MIRROR.BMP" for slightly better details.
    (Thanks to Aaron Markham for poiting this out.)

    The installation is the same as Boxer Cup's Mod. Please let me know if there's any problem.
    Hope the Mod works. :)

    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
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  20. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Thanks Tommi !! I'll try them right away !
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