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AU Boxer Cup @ Laguna Seca - Saturday 30th July 2016

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Club & Leagues' started by Chris, Jul 22, 2016.

Added to Calendar: 30-07-16
  1. Chris

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #7 Staff Member Premium Member

    Boxer Cup.jpg
    Time to conquer the corkscrew!

    All premium members can sign up for this event and we have unlimited slots available so make sure to bring a friend. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge!

    Join us as a Premium Member
    Not a premium member yet but interested to race with our group of friendly drivers? Click here for more information and learn how you can participate as well and become a premium member.

    Club Racing Rules: Click Here
    TeamSpeak and Club Racing Password: Click Here

    Cars: Boxer Cup
    Track: Laguna Seca (DOWNLOAD)

    20:00 AEST (10:00 GMT) - 30 minutes
    Qualifying: 20:30 AEST (10:30 GMT) - 15 minutes
    Race: 20:45 AEST (10:45 GMT) - 30 Laps (formation lap + standing start)

    Entry List:
    1. Chris Stacey
    2. Kevin Harris
    3. Red Time
    4. Sniper
    5. Steve Le Gallez
    6. Jack
    7. Casper
    8. Jeremy Talbot
    9. goffred
    10. Premium Slot
    11. Premium Slot
    12. Premium Slot
    13. Premium Slot
    14. Premium Slot
    15. Premium Slot
    16. Premium Slot
    17. Premium Slot
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    25. Premium Slot
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  2. Craig Patteson

    Craig Patteson
    Natural Born Racer XB1 Gamertag RIPDazza8405 Premium Member

    What happened to Silverstone?
  3. Chris

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #7 Staff Member Premium Member

    I canned it.
    We'll do it the following Sunday.
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  4. Kevin Harris

    Kevin Harris
    Fastest driver in the world to the first corner Premium Member

    Yes please
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  5. Fred Locklear

    Fred Locklear
    Moving bollard Premium Member

    I'm going to have to do some more practicing with this combo before deciding to sign up. Right now it is a spin-fest for me, and with the handful of decent laps I did, the AI was lapping 4s faster than I was :/.
  6. Red Time

    Red Time
    mid-field punter!

    Someone needs to make sure that Fred finishes safely so I will sign up for this one!
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  7. Sniper

    Premium Member

    should be ok at this stage:)
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  8. Steve Le Gallez

    Steve Le Gallez
    Premium Member

    I'm in please
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  9. Chris

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #7 Staff Member Premium Member

  10. Jack

    Premium Member

    we will see kinda lost the mojo.

    Put me in as a Maybe.
  11. Jeremy Talbot

    Jeremy Talbot
    SpeedyMite Alpha Premium Member

    Yeah put me down thanks
  12. Casper

    SpeedyMite Racing Alpha Premium Member

    Sorry mate. Forgot to advise I am in.
  13. Sean Rogers

    Sean Rogers
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    Not loving these boxers, i'll see how I go later today if I get a chance :(
  14. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Captain Slow Premium Member

    not keen, nor interested, im open wheeler only now,.
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  15. Matt

    Premium Member

    I like tin tops but I have people over this Saturday, have fun.
  16. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    Sorry but can't make it this saturday… :cry:
  17. Schwud Nelsh

    Schwud Nelsh
    Premium Member

  18. goffred

    Premium Member

    Chris, please put me down. I'm still 50-50 with being away for work so we'll go with the glass half full side, Cheers!
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  19. millen

    Premium Member

    Sorry Chris and all... I have bloody social things to do tonight. :( ;)
  20. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith
    Premium Member

    Good luck tonight gents. Ill be watching snipersliveracers.com whilst pretending to be engaged in conversation at a party tonight.
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