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Boxer Cup FOV

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by MooresvilleKid, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Seems i have to sit in back seat to see mirrors, wheel seems out of reach. Any adjustments i can make? Using single screen.
  2. ouvert


    move as close to windshield as possible and use virutal mirrors :) with single screen you just have to sacrifice pheripheral vision to maintain correct perpective and that way at least window pillar on left side is not that obstructive .. unless you have super large screen/TV
    something like this:
  3. So is it really a problem when using this car? I have triples (multiview) and with my low vFov of 23, I couldn't see my right side mirror.
  4. I use single screen with a 30 fov and full foward seat in the boxer cup, the screen is right behind my g27. I only use the center virtual mirror and the crew chief app that helps a lot.

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  5. Yes i believe it is, given the wheel is closer to you than the mirrors in a real auto. The wheel should not appear to be more distant than the mirrors from any POV. Yes i can use the virtual and get the close to the wheel feel, but i prefer to use true mirrors. I like the view with Flat-6 mod where as i can see my rear and left mirrors clearly. Using a 42 inch HDTV approx. 3' away you lose a lot of sense of speed with low FOV. It is just strange to have mirrors in your face when the wheel appears several feet away.
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  6. That Crew Chief app in the mod section? As I couldn't find it.
  7. @JoelGL you can donwload it from Reiza official forum, in the Links & Resources section.
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  8. Yes, the more less Fokus, the more looks nearby slowmotion. I also dont like that. And not too close to the frontwindow, feels not real. I also have a single screen and my settings are (atm):
    Seat: 45/35
    Fov: 47
    View left and view right on buttons programmed. But I use rarely.
    Crew Chief as support, sometimes. Normally, the feeling where the cars are is good enough and the Ai make a good collision avoidance, max agression.

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  9. xnorb


    My approach:
    1) adjust seat position to get rid of the "GoPro mounted on chest" vision
    2) Smartphone on my wheel running SLImax dashboard
    3) Crew Chief
    4) Remove all HUD elements

    Best racing experience :)
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  10. I can't be drawn into musing about that bugbear of sense of speed twice in one week.

    I therefore refer to you @xnorb and his recommendations.
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  11. Sample screenshot(s) pls ;)