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Apps boxbox 0.3

Tells you when to pit and how much fuel you need

  1. Mathias André submitted a new resource:

    boxbox - Tells you when to pit and how much you need

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  2. Nice idea. Thanks Mathias.

    I only wish something similar would exist for rF2. ;)
  3. Another great useful app for AC, thank you very much :thumbsup:

    Is there a way to hide title in game ?
  4. I'm currently working on version 0.2 which will add a few small features, including automatically hiding the title after a few seconds. Stay tuned :)
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  5. Mathias André updated boxbox with a new update entry:

    Added new "quiet" display mode

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  6. If you check out the new version you can now click on the widget (i.e.: just below the title to change the display mode to "invisible" when there is no info to be displayed).
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  7. Fantastic !
    Thank you very much :thumbsup: