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"box version" dtm experience

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by tomáš G99, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Does DTM experience sold as a box version
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  3. As I understood it there was supposed to be a Stand-alone (boxed) version and R3E DLC version, it seems as with most other features in the game they haven't quite finished the box version and so they have only released the incomplete, Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta or whatever you want to call it version!
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  4. I mean a version with CD
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  5. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    Yes and no. The box version contains a DVD with the demo and a redeem code for digital download.

    Things might change in the future but that's up to the publisher.
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  6. Are you sure about that and if so what is the point of that, you buy it on DVD and then have to download it anyway?, the DVD version isn't available at the moment anyway though is it?
  7. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure. I really can't speak for the publisher.

    There is a physical version either out in Germany or on the way ( My guess, it will probably be Germany only). But what it contains or will contain can be subject to change so my previous post shouldn't be taken as an official confirmation.
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  8. This game is like a bad joke :(
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  9. I would like physical copy of this game and full version. Digital version is not my hobby yet, I'm not used to it.