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Bouncing in a skin idea...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Keith Peppiatt, May 10, 2008.

  1. I love the skins - they are great and its always fun to spot guys driving in them on the other circuits. Did have a wee thought on the next evolution of them and thought i'd float the idea in here rather than pm all the admins...

    FD nights have drivers of all skill levels turn up, some (like me) are generally constant back markers - sort of the aguris... ehm.. no... they not racing any more... the err... force india or what ever name jordan is carrying this season. opps sorry back to the point.

    is it possible or even is is it required that the skin pack be extended to include 3 colours of skins (or L's) ?

    for example.

    1 - Green L / White skin - I'm a pro at this game- i eat it for breakfast. petrol pumps thru my veins etc...

    2 - Blue L / Blue skin - I'm experienced in this game. I generally sit mid field. I'll grab the odd point here and there.

    3 - Red L / Red skin - I'm new to the game or I'm generally a back marker.

    As all the cars are RD branded you'll still have some nice shots for marketing stuff and in races you can better tell who is behind/ahead of you skill wise.

    thoughts? good idea? bad idea? interested to know what others think.

    (/me see they guy responsible for doing the skins sitting at the back of the room groaning at the extra work that may head his way)
  2. hey m8, thanks fro the nice idea and brainstorming with us together. :)
    we talked about similar like this earlier about the FD skin, and at that time we thought that it would be kind of unneeded discrimination for drivers to wear certain differenciation marking in the skin, plus i think it would be extremely difficult to categorize people, who is belinging where, but in general the idea is not bad.

    Lets just continues the discussion in the meantime, and wait until the grandfather of the FD series Warren is back on-line, he is having a trip right now in Oz for 2-3 days to home (ye, it is a big country, i cross mine completely in 5 hours looool)
  3. They way I would see the skins working is in one of two ways...

    1/ voluntry. its a friendly development series and it's really coutesy to show your skill level to other drivers. It may even be you change colours between FWD and RWD cars.

    2/ enforced over previous weeks results.

    option 1 is pretty "easy" to manage people either choose to show their colours or they don't maybe "white" could be the default colour and people could either choose to show themselves in expert or (for want of a better word) novice colours. if this is taken forward this would be my preferred idea.

    option 2 will take some effort policing - would not be my recommendation. What would you do if someone came in in the wrong skin???
  4. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Shoot them!!! :D Only Joking good idea and I doubt somebody will if they know there rank. But some people might take it as an insult if they are red! :)
  5. Its a good idea but as Attila said the idea will need some real chewing over. Also people might think to them selfs Oh Im a "Red L" when really there a "Green L".

    Im sure most of our members would stick to the correct colours given to them but working out who belongs in what group could take some time plus working out how someone progresses from one group to another ...
  6. why not just make the FD skins with 3-4 diffrent base colors with out any special meanings
    would be easy to do and so the field will become more colorfull

    or may do a Skin contest where the 3 winner skin sets gets in the skin pack
  7. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs


    +1 for that I think it will bring a bigger interest to FD after all the Group 1 at Imola only had 9 finishers!!! Also it would be a good reward for the hard-working skin makers. There could be a poll and that would also attract more attention to RD (Like there isnt already enough :D)

    What do you think admins??
  8. I wouldn't mind a skinning contest for the FD series... sounds good fun!

    If we do that, all we have to do is keep the learner symbols on the cars and have race department on it somewhere :)
  9. let the decals where they are just go for the base design :) may in that way
  10. i love the idea, lets hear Warren about it.
  11. Hey guys, sorry I missed this thread somehow when I returned (been a tad busy :D )

    As Atti said, we have been kicking a few ideas around about the FD skins with some other fun ideas, but these ideas might fit as well.
    Let it to us to chew it around a bit more.
  12. understand what you're saying and agree 100%- no need to add admininistration where its not required, we get enough of that at work (anyone working in IT and impacted by Sarbanes-Oxley will know what i mean!!!).

    A voluntry system is what I would recommend and I don't really see any problems if someone wants to wear a red L rather than a green L. Its how the driver feels of their skill in the car under them. Plus if someone wears a red L and laps 10secs faster than the others wearing a red L, he's likely to be dicing at the front and you guys aren't really gonna be bothered about looking at the car or L colours - your eyes will be pinned on the race line and mirrors.

    (/me chews some more) ;)
  13. Keep chewing, it's starting to taste pretty good.

    Voluntary is the way to go and it might be fun for people to choose.

    I might need a yellow skin = too chicken to pass anyone unless they run off track. :)
  14. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    I would be pleased to make some nice extra FD skins for Race07 :)
    Don't think coloring in experience is a good way, but I also think more colors/other styles are fun and add's extra to the movies :)

    What about 6 different skins for each car model?
  15. That would be terrific Ramon, but quite a lot of work though.
    Maybe one of the skins should signify "watch out for me, I hit someone last race and didn't stop and wait for them" A yellow card skin, I'm a naughty boy, or similar. :circuitzolder:

    In a friendly way though. :D
  16. thats a nice idea, more colors definetely good.

    What about a skin contest then, next to these ones?
    I would love to see skin contest for the gentlemen drivers for the months!
    I think we could re-start this voting, and the award that from that moment onwards he/she can wear the Gentlemen driver special skin would add some real nice feeling to this.

    Especially if we start a contest for this.

    would be great, if the current design in different colours would be somehow in harmony with each other, and then BANG, a total different skin for the Gentlemen Driver winners?

    hm? :)
  17. that sounds great a Gold car for the gentlemen driver with the avatar on the hood
    rest stays same as the other FD cars
  18. skin code

    I definitely like the idea of the skin code, however it needs to be voluntary and i would rather base it on experience than on speed, otherwise we would have blocks of same coloured cars in the race again. how about:

    white: no tournament experience
    yellow: in my first tournament (either at RD or elsewhere)
    green: done three tournaments so far
    red: more than three tournies finished

    gold: gentleman driver of the month

    just my five cents
  19. affter atti came up with the GD skin idear i pulled my self infront of photoshop
    and did something its by far not perfect and just an example how it could look
    i stayed close to ramons skin

    here are some pics any sugetions are welcome