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Bots retire in Monaco

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by serjass, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. please Help!!! All Bots retire in Monaco and Canada in one turn. What to do? Please !!!!!!! Sorry for my english...
  2. There is definatly something wrong with monaco he he
    25% race Pro
    Qualify 10th
    I laughed so hard
    2 red flags and 4 safety cars
    Had a good start, managed to climb in 5th after 3 turns, then suddently big pile up at the pool section in third sector, managed to pass trough the field lucky me without a scratch. Became first

    At the end only me and my team mate finished the race, the 20 others retired.

    I saw many times the bots run into the wall, 90% of the time at the pool in 3rd sector . The AI go way too fast into 3rd sector, they dont seem to brake enough, going either straight trough the chicane and hit the wall, or touching the kerbs and spin out, creating a huge pile up.

    Needed points for the championship, and knowing i wasnt fast enough to win, it was really funny to win this way, i laughed a lot
  3. I have exactly the same problem. I can't count the times where my flying laps were ruined by some idiot who missed the chicane and/or spun, or didn't brake in time rammed my car from behind.
    I must also say that the game is pretty touchy about the chicane after the tunnel: a penalty will punish the slightest mistake you can make there.
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  4. Yes, man, exacly the same! What abaut Canada? And what we can do this it?
  5. The same thing occured to me at the Hungarian Grand Prix, in Professional mode. All the AIs, went off the track in sector 2. I have installed the 1st patch of Codemasters, though I do not know if the problem was solved after the installation.
  6. Man, Are you from Russia?
  7. Did you have a licence?
  8. Well, no. Why?

    On topic: I just finished the Monaco GP. Qualified 5th and won the race. Funny is how:

    2 red flags
    3X times safety car
    Only I and Raikkonen (team mate) did finish the race.

    All that on 25% race. Talk about AI improvement.
  9. I just did canada, still 25% pro
    Qualy 6
    Finished first with 5 super overtake

    No retirements from anybody, no wrong finish position from AI. Only vettel and rosberg went wide in 1 turn only, they still finished 4th and 7th, normal race...

    Cant wait to see hungary he he
  10. Yes I bought, as always, a legitimate copy.
  11. How long into the race are the retirements happening? Check this with the race director during race. Were you the cause/involved in any red flag/safety car incidents? Are you running any mods?

    For those running on PC experiencing this can you post what your CPU is as well please?
  12. Your avatar has Russian old car- it called Lada 2106! or 2103...I was learned to drive on this **** :)
  13. Monaco is bugged. I've raced there yesterday, 3 red flags and 4 safety cars later and there were just 3 cars left. And that was a 25% race :p
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  14. If I remember correctly, I had encountered 5 SCs, in Dry, 25% distance, AIs Pros
  15. Saying it's bugged really doesn't help anyone now does it.
    As the original post requested I am trying to offer "Help!!!" which is going to be very difficult if people who are experiencing this issue are ignoring the questions I asked, which believe it or not will actually narrow down a cause of the issue.
    Were you really looking for help or just looking for people to agree with you that there is an issue?
    Fine, I am not experiencing this issue and I know many other people who have no problem racing at Monaco either.
    Now maybe if you answer the questions I posted we can find the cause of your issue. Hey i'll even post the questions again here to save you all the excessive trouble of scrolling upwards.

    How long into the race are the retirements happening? Check this with the race director during race. Were you the cause/involved in any red flag/safety car incidents? Are you running any mods?
    For those running on PC experiencing this can you post what your CPU is as well please?
  16. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    I see a common factor here 25% distance, Pro setting.
    I wonder if the difficulty settings and race distance are some how broken in the database.
  17. @ daniel lee

    for monaco AI was retiring at every lap , i saw the number of cars on track go down each time i crossed the finish line. i wasnt the cause of any red flag, because it was always happening hundreds of meters in front of me or far behind me . i play with damage on so no i didnt touch anybody (lucky me)

    ex. the red flag was at lap 1 and 3 , the SC went out if i remember well at 6th 11th and 16th lap on a 20 lap race (25% pro)

    i dont have particular mod, except custom helmet, everything else is original files.

    i run on pc, with almost the minimal specs required to play the game, it runs at 25-30 fps.
    i dont really know the exact exact specs of my cpu, but what i know is that i dont have the problems other use to have that the track dont rubber in , or too much of back wheel spin or too much grip, for me its just fine. i was depressed with my speed due to the FPS problem, but since patch 1, it is mostly fixed. for me the game is almost perfect, but this monaco race was really funny, in the both ways he he

    like i stated before, i saw mostly the cars going wayyyyy to fast in 3rd sector, not braking enough at the pool and then go direct into the wall after cutting the chicane, or touching the kerbs and spinning over. i saw one or two AI cars do it in practice session, but in Race almost the 1/3rd of AI had problems there..
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  18. Hi Cubentis,

    To grab your cpu, open the start menu, right click computer and then click on properties.
    It will be listed under processor in the window that pops up.
    If your processor doesn't meet minimum spec (The game could still run below min spec) you could be experiencing an issue where your CPU can not keep up with all the AI calculations causing undesired effect, for example not braking enough for the chicane.
  19. sorry daniel
    what i really meant by not knowing my specs, is more than i'm F*in lazy to go check them out to write it here, i dont use the same cpu to go on internet and to play my games. sorry i'm just lazy.

    but yeah my specs are way too low to play this 2013 game, i know it, but it still runs fine for me since F1 2010. if it was really that, i would have problems with other tracks, or problems with monaco 2012, 2011 etc...

    but dont worry too much for me, i dont really care this monaco problem, i'm having fun anyway. I just posted to try to help out the OP , to make him feel better , that he's not the only one with this thing.

    thx for the theory help, i hope it will satisfy the OP