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Both feets or right feet?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Renneboog, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I'm using a G27. One thing about the pedals is that they are - even if you have small feets - very close to each other.
    I was wondering how real F1 pilots use their pedals. Left feet on brake and right feet on throttle or just right feet for both? And how do you activate your pedals?
  2. I use the clutch pedal as the brake. I expect most people do the same. Left foot brake, right foot throttle.

    When you say 'activiate' do you mean configure? If so, go to 'edit controls', hit enter on 'brake' and then push the pedal you want to use as the brake.
  3. I use right foot for the gas and left for the brake, like in the kart, I heard that one of the only actuals F1 drivers braking with the right foot is Barrichello.
    I have a G27 too and use the central pedal as brake, I don't feel the clutch pedal hard enough.

    Did you try to increase the distance between pedals using the screws on the back?
  4. Unless theres a clutch to worry about then it would be throttle right foot and brake left foot. Most single seater drivers would use this method too as it deduces time between coming off the power and hitting the brakes. Rubens must be mad to only use his right, i think i have heard that rumour before too.

    Other benefactors -

    1- on F12010 its a little unrealistic but you can rectify oversteer/spining out with a tap on the brakes when your too early on the throttle. Much easier to do with your left foot and you can be instantly back on the power with your right.

    2 - i play pro race and in the FWD saloon championships i find using the brake very slightly on occasion when acccelating through the slower corners keeps the car from understeering. Can only be done obviously with left foot resting on the brakes.
  5. No, I will be looking into it this evening. Thanks!
  6. For years, I raced using right foot only. Only recently did I start left foot braking...

    Its hard to get used to, but once youve got it, it makes a big difference, and well worth learning :wink:
  7. Laxatron

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Ah well, I use only right foot. I fear it would create too much of a riot when I´m driving my real car and things go wacky.
    Might look into it if I can do this in racing games without increasing my assurance rate in real life lol.
  8. I left foot brake in these computer sim games and heal toe shift in the real world when I track my car. But if I am not mistaken, I am pretty sure all the real world F1 drivers left foot brake these days. You have to go back to the 90s to find an F1 driver who heal toe'd thanks to the technological changes since then.
  9. I use all three of my feets.
  10. enlighten us andy.. we would want to know more :p
  11. IMO, the G25/27 pedals are impossible to heel/toe on because the pedals are too far between and level with eachother. I do it senna style, by rolling my foot, not angling it and using my heel. Pedals need to have this configuration for that:

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  12. Pedals of G27 are not at the same level and you can also modify the distance between them.
  13. Oh, Ive never seen a G27 in real life. From the photos they look identical to the G25 pedals.