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Apparel Bosnian Helmet 1.3

Custom helmet made to specifications of request.

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  1. Ok hummm you use what to skin yours helmet..... its too much pixelated....... very very very low quality.... so far of an HQ version.
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  2. Also STOP PUTTING direct link of you image upload......

    On the box you wrote your message look on the grey bar. You should saw a blue square. Its should be 4th one if you start counting on the right.

    It called insert/edit image...... click on it, paste your link of the image and its will be appear directly on the ressource post......

    thanks you
  3. I tried that on the WIP thread, it didn't work......
  4. And in game it is not pixelated.
  5. Are you kidding me look ;) Ingame footage from you and dont says its not pixelated

    The design is good, but the way to do it is not. Dont take this comment badly, take it to a comment to be better on the next one

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  6. You must have enjoyed making that!!! How would I make it HQ?
  7. firstly you doing it with wich program ?
  8. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Try making the texture file bigger than 256x256 for a start.

    Most helmets done here are at least 4096x4096.....some being made at 8192x8192.

    So 256 is way way back in terms of file size for quality. It is actually inferior in quality in comparison to the actual game files from the original game.

    It would also help you out if you actually paid attention to how the file is laid out. For example where the Hans device, straps, visor and bolts are located on the texture file, and don't just paint anywhere and expect it to work out.

    If you don't pay a touch more attention to what you are doing, you'll just waste your time as no one will bother downloading it as it simply won't be worth them doing so.
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  9. Sounds good, but how do I do it?

  10. Adobe Photoshop cs2....
  11. Use Photoshop CS4 version minimum, Have ML2166 helmet Template...... and do your design. DONT USE ANY PAINT shop tool or Net..... you will never get a good render at the end

  12. How do I change the helmet if I can't use the paint???!!!! I'll have to see about CS4 though...
  13. chianamik


    very strange........i used a free ridicoluos program to change the hakkinen helmet(ML2166 template),,...only for fun.....but the quality with this free program was medium MIK21997 helmet.jpg highest......i don't understand because your helmet have a low quality!...:-/

  14. What was the program called?
  15. chianamik


    i used "photofiltre"......simply program

  16. Downloading now :D
  17. chianamik


    test my helmet and look this quality 2048x2048

  18. I don't know how the change the quality though!!!
  19. First resize your image, and redo it at 100%
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