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born again simracer

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Amitesh Rao, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Hello.
    Been simracing for 18 odd years - GP 2, GP3, GP4, F1Challenge 99-02, rFactor, GTL, GTR Evo, Race07... been through them all. After a couple of years hiatus, I'm hooked all over again - now to Assetto Corsa (its sensational!) and SRW (less pretentious, small but interesting community).
    Over the years I've moved from keyboards to joysticks to wheels... bought a Momo Force 8 years ago, which is what I still use. (I know, I know... its high time i upgraded, a G27's on the cards).

    I have literally thousands of simracing hours under my belt, though a lot of it has been offline against AI (where i come from, internet connectivity was either inconsistent or just not there at all, and you couldn't get licensed versions of simracing games for love or money). Its a damn sight different now thankfully.

    Am a middling to average driver with a competitive instinct, though I'd rather let you by than slam you into a wall.

    Btw, simulation has even been a profession - I used to make and market marine simulators at some point (though somehow I never got into the modding scene), and even now I am involved with the business end of gaming.

    Joining RD hoping to find a community where I'd feel comfortable, one that has a bunch of equally middling to average drivers to race against, and a few aliens to gaze at in awe.

    Hopefully this is it :)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
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  2. Apparently it isn't. Not yet at least. :(

    Bummer, applications for licenses aren't being accepted.
    There must be a quota for the elderly. No?
    For developing countries then. Or for Asia. No?
    Surely for Hindu's. Not that either?

  3. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way Premium Member

    welcome friend, i think if u check the forum you will notice , that Dennis sent you a message notifying about obtaining a license, " take note that work is being done about License and Premium members" Just be patient
  4. Thanks for the reply John... I did find Dennis's message, though it wasn't to me. Patience it is :)