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Misc Bolt95 Realistic Car Performance & AI MOD For F1 2014 1.2

Realistic Car Performance & Ai MOD (Better Aggressive & Braking)

  1. Bolt95 submitted a new resource:

    Bolt95 Realistic Car Performance & AI MOD For F1 2014 - Realistic Car Performance & Ai MOD (Better Aggressive & Braking)

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  2. Have to I begin again my career to benefit from modifications of your database?
    excuse me for my english
  3. Traveled to Australia and I am very happy !!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::inlove:
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  4. No man you can play normally your carreer with my database :)
  5. ok thanks you
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  6. Hi Bolt, are the AI more aggressive attacking us and defending against us? If so, what settings did you alter to do this and does it really work?

    Also, you have set the cars to brake later (that is great) what changes did you make to do this?
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  7. Umm... Is this supposed to happen???
  8. Who cares?
  9. This mode corrupted my game! When i try to launch the game, it crashes before the intro video... No errror and nothing its just shutting down. Help please. I changed the folders with original ones but it still crashes..
  10. Sorry For late responding;
    I suppose you don't follow the Installation Instructions correctly!
    If you don't have 7 additional track installed have you installed my NO 7 Additional Track Database?
  11. No.. It isn't supposed to happen! But i not test the same things than probably can be a mod conflict!
    OTHER PEOPLE have the same problem??
  12. Im looking at using EGO to edit the engine horsepower etc. What categories do i edit to give a team more power etc. Can you give me some pointers mate
  13. Can you reduce the retirement? Specially on Monaco! Sorry for my english