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Bodnar Sli-devices : New software available.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Lars Bargmann, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all...

    I have been working on some alternative software for Leo's devices, and have a developer-alpha-early-zeta-gamma-pre-release version up (yes, that is a stab at pCars :) )
    Right now it supports iRacing, Race07 (plus all the expansions), rFactor, Gtr2 and pCars but it does so pretty well.
    I was hoping for some more feedback, which is why I post this.
    Application is 100% free, and will continue to be so.
    ...and NO, there will never be payable silver/plutinum/super member-subscriptions or anything like that... That was one of the main reason I started writing this in the first place... :-D

    Anyways, here's the link:

    Edit : I can't seem to edit this thread's title, but SimSli supports several more devices now.

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  2. Excellent Lars, any chance it could support ProRace display by SR Hardware in the future ? Current software is good but any extra or alternative functionality is always welcome. ;)
  3. Keith, I don't see a reason why it couldn't support it.
    I somehow just need to get the usb-report specifications for their device...
    I did a little googling yesterday for it, but didn't come up with anything though...
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  4. That would be great Lars, wish I could help you but I wouldn't know what I was looking for!
  5. I have it installed but haven´t used it yet, have practice later today though and will fiddle with it then :)

    Just a quick question,
    The delta time, is it dynamic? or will it show as you pass the start/finish line?
    Would be cool to have something similar to TAB in iRacing, i find the orginal red/green bar to be extremely annoying.
  6. Hey Hampus... :)

    Lars Bargmann from iracingdenmark here... :-D

    Delta-times are completely dynamic, and updated in real-time.
    Up untill yesterdays build, I was running some logging and timing and doing all the calculations myself, but the good mister Tucker added timing variables to the API now!!!

    These delta-times are not supported in Race07 though, because of it's limited data... :-(

  7. I figured it was you :)

    Sounds awesome!
    Much more discrete place to know if you are up or down in time,
    Pretty cool that you sort of just figured you would make your own program after the support was removed,
  8. Hi Lars

    Any plans to add compatibilty for rfactor /rFactor2 ?
    I love the simplicity of your software compared to SLImax :)
  9. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Awesome. With this and FanaLEDS we're really getting somewhere :)
    Support for all the sims is (i guess?) the idea - so I'm waiting with baited breath.
  10. Thanks guys!!!
    Anthony, yes, I have been messing with an rFactor plugin the last few days, and have it working. Now I just need to clean up the data-structures a little, and then there's rFactor support.
    From what I read, rFactor2 plugins are pretty much identical to rF1 plugins, so rF2 support *should* be coming very soon... :)
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  11. Great news that there's an rFactor plugin :) I know it might be quite CPU intensive but do you think it's possible to generate live delta times in rFactor?
  12. Prosim :
    It will be somehow possible, I think.
    I will have to look further into it, but I think that "Current Lap Time" and "Current distance around the Track" is only updated from rFactor twice per second, so in order to do delta-calculations I would need to do some trickery. I'll definately see what I can do... :)
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  13. What a star :thumbsup:
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  14. Just posted a new version, with rfactor support! :)
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  15. Ha, just for the heck of it, i posted yet another version... this time with RaceRoom Racing Experience support... :-D
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  16. Thanks Lars :)
  17. just be aware, that both the app and the rFactor-support is very much in beta...
    ...theres still tons of bugs in there (I just discovered a few) and the live-timing in rFactor (and delta-times) are not very accurate...
  18. Awesome work Lars...

  19. Hmmm, Hampus, this little reply of yours got me thinking...
    If you're up for messing with the scripts, you could "simulate" iRacings own +/- bar (the one under the mirror) using the rpm-leds on your sli... :)
    ...That would be kinda cool...
  20. Now that´s an interesting idea ;)
    SLI Pro has 3 leds on either side of the display, not sure what colors they are though,
    Maybe one side could lit up fully if you are up on your time and if not it stays unlit.
    I don´t know i´m sure you will figure something out :)
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