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Bobs Track (or City) Builder vs Cityscape.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dacoolone91, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys..

    I read something (somewhere) about a Bobs City Builder in production.
    ..Not sure tho if this is a fantasy project or an upcoming BTB project.?

    In any case to show you the "flag-ship" on the City Builders market
    here is an -exiting- promo video from the (ease of use) Cityscape tool.

    Ley me know your opinion if we need an easy to use City Builder tool,
    that among other things works a bit different in regards to terrain handlin etc..
    ( Just check the construction method Cityscape uses vs current BTB ).

  2. looks great but i'm guessing it would be a pretty major task getting your city in game (basically having to remap all the textures)
  3. You would of course have to use textures that fitted both into
    Bobs City Builder and the supported games as well for things to workout.

    The Cityscape promo is just a demo to show how kewl (easy to use),
    a perfect City Builder tool - should best be..:wink2:

  4. That looks fantastic - it would be great if it was that easy to biuld a realistic city in BTB. Just think of all the street tracks that would appear!

    I also especially liked the GTA IV references in the video. :D
  5. imagin the street circuts you could make with that
  6. I wish we had a tool like that ... but that would be way to easy ... What fun would we have building tracks then if we didn't have to endure a little pain ...

    I don't know it that would be able to be coded into exporting any race sim easily ...

    And it reminded me a lot like SIM CITY from Maxis ... which was a real fun game in its own right ... a total waste of time ... vegitating in front of the puter for hours ...

  7. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Imagine you could drive different routes :skywalker:
  8. Yeah a tool (with similar functions) like this would indeed make
    track building 10-times easier & less time consuming as well.:)

    1..Generate your terrain..
    2..Lay your streets / roads.
    3..Place your buildings / objects.
    ..Can't be made any easier.:party2:

  9. The problem would be that the tracks produced would all be very similar, making them boring to drive and unsatisfying to create.

    All we really need in order to create realistic street circuits are some good building XPacks. (Don't look at me, I haven't got a clue how to use the any 3d software...)
  10. and a similar merge track ability, that would be the bomb !! :D
  11. This is what Piddy should see. Merging of tracks !!!
  12. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    I suggest they take a look at editable surfaces and you take a look at their price!!
  13. we are getting closer and closer, have patience guys.

    I see many similarities to BTB looking at this, three cheers for piddy!!

    it's the rules based intersections/roads that's the huge diff, but that's getting better with the upcoming possibilities of cross section x-packs that at least will make it a bit easier to easily and properly make realistically designed roads.

    edit: hehe, same min, same thoughts =) *grin*
  14. Say Brendon,
    What if we made xpack intersections? Could the tracks be made to connect
    to them? Maybe like having "hot spots" that the tracks could snap to?

    Alex Forbin

    P.S. I agree BTB already has a lot of the features shown and it's still in development! :)
  15. Yes I agree that the current lack of Xpacks variation is the biggest
    problem we have, a problem that only can be solved if we co-work.

    I propose that we split the cost of purchasing premade quality gfx.
    Setup via an easy going paypal account or likewize and handled
    by a most trusted member of the community..

    It should be no problem of locating lots of interesting pro gfx packages,
    since the net is flooded with pro quality gfx for sale.

    The gfx guys in charge of converting the purchased gfx and organizing it
    into xpacks should of course not have to pay, since worktime spend
    in itself is of high value - needless to mention of course.

    Please let me know how you feel about this proposal.

  16. Hopefully Piddy will find inspiration (via the Cityscape vid) to implement a
    few of the shown features into BTB with purpose of (even) easier and
    faster track building and besides this tailor suit BTB for City construction as well.

    The Cityscape system of easy terrain generation followed by (as) easy
    3D realtime streets/roads "pieces" implementation is in my personal opinion
    what's needed the most.

    I think easy-use features like these would attract a lot of new BTB users.:)

  17. :skywalker:
    And how would that be any different than what we have alredy in BTB ...

    Except I tend to disagree ... I know there are several of us that camofuge our tracks to the point they look nothing like the normal BTB tracks (granted it is an art) ... I go out of my way to being different. When I cannot be different and my tracks all start looking like they come straight out of the cookie-cutter mold ...

    Then I stop making tracks ...
  18. I like to see an unique BTB for every car sim, specially for LFS.

    i like to see a BTB specially for RBR.

    in my opinion BTB is growning in the best way posible.... sorry for that but i hope brendom continues his work only with the Bob Track Bulider software.

    we have great tools acctually to create a city more cheaps than this city builder, and sure that you canĀ“t drive soft in all these premodeled city tracks.

    i love the bumps in the tarmac, i want to see circuits with a clean drive line and dirty zone.... i love every chamber, and all of these is working on BTB

    i like to build without bugs in RBR, that`s i want. (my opinion)
  19. BTBpro - ~$60 US, unlimited licence, one seat, plus free updates, w/free support here


    Cityscape - $19,000 one seat for one year, w/support included
  20. In my humble opinion, people involved in BTB community, and I mean us, are a quite slow in advancing of colaborative XPacks.

    There are thousands of stunning free 3d Models in Google Earth / Sketchup communities which would fit perfectly in Racing Games.

    If each one of us convert 10 or 15 models, we could gather more than 300 different buildings in a huge City Xpack which could be used as the software shown at the beggining of this thread into BTB.

    All we need it's a license professional Sketchup version to save as 3DS (my company have one - there's another ways to convert to 3DS, but not really handy) and a license of 3DSimed, besides a BTB license of course.

    Look at Jay_p_666 has done on his Britain XPack even working alone and imagine how much we could achieve working through several hands.