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Bobs track builder pace car problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by emacoman, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. i have a problem with the pace car 2 of my tracks work good and 3 dont. the pace car goes and starts to enter the pits and like transports to where my 2nd aux and then drives around the track and goes and enters the pit entrance again and transports to the 2nd aux again and finally stays there..... please help me
  2. anyone got any idea's
  3. you got them the wrong way round.

    pace pos.1 is in the pits
    pace pos.2 is on the start line

    the pits line is facing wrong way round,or it not connected to the end.
  4. pace car one is at start finish line

    pace car two is in the pits like they are suppose to be

    i drove through the pits with the aiw and connected both ends starting with pit entry first any other idea's?
  5. xsectors are offline maybe, xfinsh xstart,sector1,xsector2, make sure the ai cars aren't touching the edges or it will count has pitin/pitout.make sure they don't interfere with the main track.
  6. How do the AI manage with pitting and everything? I mean, do they go in and jump to their garages ok, slow down on the way in, etc. If they behave properly then that could maybe narrow it down a bit. It would show the gates and paths are aligned at least.

    Are you doing the AI in BTB or in the ISI editor?
  7. i use bobs track builder to build the track and everything works in game except the cars get really glitchy like they are warping and i use the aiw editer to redo the track line and pit line and it fixes the warping issue but messes up the pace car its really weird. if i could fix the warping from bobs track builder i would be ok. it seems like the corridors are messed up or something but aiw fixes the issue which is weird but pace car acts screwy some times. any help would be appreciated with bobs or aiw editor. when the pace car hits a certain area in the pits it like teleports to where its suppose to stop. in bobs it stays where its supposed to stop though and in aiw editor it comes back out on track goes around again and teleports again but stays the second time around where its suppose too...
  8. Did you redo the corridors in the AIW editor after redoing the track and pit lines? If you didn't then that could well cause some confusion.

    Also, have you tried redoing the pace car positions in the AIW editor after you redid the other lines?

    That's the only things I can think of at the moment.
  9. i redid the pit line and main track line and fast line in aiw and i also tried redoing the pace car in aiw as well and i saved the corridors and waypoints..

    if u mean redoing the corridors as far as redoing pit lane and the main track line then yes... would the pit line going through a pit/garage stall have any affect on this i would think it wouldnt
  10. any other suggestions on this... i can talk to anyone on aim or yahoo also just give me ur info and ill send ya the track so u can see what it is doing in game too
  11. By redoing the corridors I meant that after you redid the main track and other lines did you go and click on Find Corridors [where you sit and watch as it counts through them] and then click Save Waypoints? [Why it's called 'Save Waypoints' when it means 'Save All Changes' is a bit misleading . .].

    Alternatively, have you tried running this same 'Find Corridors' routine on the AIW file as exported from BTB - possibly to cure the glitching and leave the pace car intact ?

    If neither helps, send me a PM - I'll have a look and see if I can come up with something :)