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Skins BMW Z4 gt3 Skin (editable) 2015-08-12

My own skin for bmw_z4_gt3, including PSD file you can edit

  1. blackwood91


    I do not understand why if you change the banner on the windshield of z4 also changes the color of the grid of the bumper was obliged there is the emblem of the bmw ....
    You could explain it to me please?
  2. Sorry, there are lot of things I cannot understand yet, I am still studying how skins are designed. You are telling about windshield banner, at the moment I really don't understand how I could place a text on the top of the windshield, tried lots of ways but it seems that when the skin is rendered there is a top layer ( I can't see) which is placed over the skin I have produced. What about that?
    Please pardon me for my english