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BMW Z4 GT3 @ Monza

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by kjelle, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Anyone who can help a noob with this set up? I am struggling at 1.53.9...
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  2. Here's mine, BUT this setup is from early version, since 0.6 this car slides much more. So maybe add 1-2 clicks on rear wing ;) The more problems u have on Ascari, the higher the rear wing, but if too much you lose on the straights! Monza is always low aero track, minimizing the aero drag.

    1:47.3 PB with medium(not much slower from soft), but laptimes I think are slower now. :cautious:

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  3. thanks
  4. Many thanks, will try it tonight. As usual, it's not only the set up you need...:whistling:
  5. BTW you might be better off with medium slicks, it's a much more stable and predictable tire. In theory softs should be faster but only a little little bit and they last only 1 flying lap(you need to do 1 lap to wear them in too).
  6. JG, it wasn't easy with your set up, had to add quite some rear wing to get grip. I'll practice some more...
  7. Members
    I am extremely time limited if I get 1 or 2 hours per week to practice its a lot.
    I have remedial computer skills. I am trying to download a setup but when I open
    it is not like iracing where you can install it it is just a readout of info.
    What am I doing wrong?
  8. @.Bartolo
    copy AC car setup .ini files into the following directory:

    Username/documents/assetto corsa/setups

    choose the car
    choose the track
  9. Mr. George
    Thank you very much. I got it.
    And a great difference i have to add
    I have at least closed to within 4 sec of the decent times posted by others
    You have helped me very much thanks again
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  10. Mein Vergnügen (english: my pleasure)

    If you like to know more about car setups and have the stamina to read a long article:
    here you go
  11. I can't seem to setup the Z4 for Monza .. any help?
  12. Will have a look later tonight tomorrow
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  13. Appreciate it :) I've tweaked a bit with gear ratio and brake bias and I improved to the 51's but I can't seem to get the extra 2-3 secs I need ...
  14. Didn't have time lately, will post one over the weekend.
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  15. I've got three.
    One is a stable, 1/2 downforce version, which is slower, and one is a more twitchy, faster and more on edge (that can can turn in the same speed and tops out at 273) with 0/1 downforce.
    Then there's the middle ground, the fairly stable 0/1 setup (better on the brakes) that is in the middle when it comes to speed.
    Slowest to fastest in order:
    1 - Vaoh
    2- Z4 GT3
    3- Hotlap 3

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  16. Thanks
  17. got a 1.48.934 with Vaoh setup which is 2.3 sec under my previous record so thank you very very much :D !!
  18. When I load the setup appears invalid setup. How can I fix this ? thx
  19. Thank you ....:)
  20. Jack Matthews

    Jack Matthews
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    The issue I'm having is from the aero loss. I cant seem to get enough mechanical grip out of the car without going really extreme on the sliders.

    So full ARB and cranking up the negative camber. I've also tried increasing both diffs to gain mid corner and corner exit grip but I still can't hold on to the thing and plant the corner exits.

    I tried Tals 0/0 setup and for some reason his grips whereas mine doesn't.

    So I guess what I'm asking for is a brief guide to gaining mechanical grip when extra aero is not and option.