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BMW Z4 GT3 @ Imola

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Ted, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Ted

    On a BMW S1000RR IRL, here anything with 3+ wheels

    Anyone willing to share a setup for the Z4 GT3 at Imola?

    I've fiddled around with the settings a bit, but I can't get below 1:48:3 - so I have a few tenths before I can get the bronze achievement (the only I have yet to complete).


    Edit: Finally managed to pull off a 1:47:780 with the stock setup:

    modedit: please post videos in the media section of the site
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  2. Would be interested in that as well.

    I`m driving my ass off and can`t get below 1.47.924 right now, that`s already with less fuel and less rear downforce.
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  3. Here's one I created earlier :thumbsup:

    See what you think. I'm doing 1:43's with it, so worth a crack.

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  4. Ted

    On a BMW S1000RR IRL, here anything with 3+ wheels

    Thanks a lot! I'll try it out and see if I can match that. :)
  5. Thanks for the setup, Straight away on 2nd lap got a low 1:45. Will give it some more laps tomorrow, turns in very well.
  6. Went down to 1.47.732 with the stock setup (just less fuel and brake balance to the front).

    Tried out Coenwulfs setup, i just cannot comprehend how to get 45`s, heck even 43`s with that car on that track.

    Turn in is much nicer, but it doesn`t translate into a better laptime, just doesn`t suit my driving style i guess, or am i supposed to take some corners in a slight drift ?

    I brake as late as possible and my lines are the same, if not better than on some videos ive seen on youtube (times in the 46 range, yet im still 1.7 seconds off, i just dont get it), i still could manage a few tenths, but thats it, not 4-5 seconds ... :O_o:

    I`m not using any driving aids so far, i guess with ABS and traction control on i can brake later and step on the gas earlier ?

    Got the slight suspicion that the FPS could be the key, in some racing games more FPS just translates automatically to better lap times.

    AC runs totally smooth but maybe 70-90 fps just isn`t as fast as 150 ?
  7. Im locked at 59fps (custom resolution with triple screens). Devs have said that the physics run in their own thread so higher fps does not ield faster lap times any more like it was in the TP.

    I can do mid 1:45's with the stock setup, I have many many many laps in the GT3 though so have got used to how to drive it, im still nowhere near the ridiculous lap times on the RSR leader board though.
  8. I've put a video up in the media section: -

    Not the best lap in the world by any stretch, but illustrates the fact that you have to get brutal with Imola if you wish to lower those times. Treat the curbs as though they're little more than a grassy mound that you can simply plough through without even a second thought towards vehicular conservation :laugh::devilish:
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  9. I lose my time at variante alta (first chicane?) as dont go over as much, i see that damaging the car when the damage model is applied in 1.0.
  10. Yeah, it's those black laths that sit on top of a few curbs here isn't it. I think you're ok catching the edges of them, there is a taper there, you'll probably just need to avoid making too many full strikes.

    I've just watched some youtube vids of real cars at Imola and they don't take any prisoners on those curbs so it'll be very interesting to see how the AC cars take all this with the damage model in place.
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  11. Very nice driving, Kudos ! :)

    The car is definitely quicker with your setup, i just have to get used to the handling.

    I see now where i lose my time, variante alta and the tight left hairpin shortly after it, the rest looks pretty much the same.

    Will give it another try in the evening.
  12. Ted

    On a BMW S1000RR IRL, here anything with 3+ wheels

    Immediately shaved off a second and a half (!) per lap, but I'll keep practicing until I reach 1:44s.

    Thanks again!
  13. Yeah im down to 1:44.213 now! Excellent, not sure how well it looks after the tyres this setup, but its quick.
  14. I just don't "get" downforce cars....In the S3 458 at Imola I'm a little over a second off the pace...Using the set provided that ya'll are running 43's and 44's I am still over 4 seconds off the pace....The damn car will simply corner faster than I can is all I can figure....I really thought I was going to like the GT3 cars and I will keep practicing but right now there is no way I would ever run this on-line being this far off pace.

    Keep putting your video's of fast laps up and keep sharing tips, hints, and tricks..hopefully some of them might sink into this old head of mine.
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  15. Point and shoot. And you should imagine, when downshifting that you're swimming into the corners. Any mishaps and you will drown!

  16. Nice one man, good to see the replay was of use - faster faster faster you will go :thumbsup:
  17. No probs mate. I forgot to mention there is one condition to using this setup and that is you cannot go faster than me with it. That goes for you too Simon ;)
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  18. I got Silver medal with the default setup, will try getting a gold one with that setup.
  19. Ehm..? Where to put the ini file ? :notworthy:

    Well, nearly after an hour without answers, I found it. To others who's a newbie to the game...(we can't be all that good like others or learn something so fast as the "pro's" can)

    Dokuments/Assetto Corsa/setups/bmw_z4_gt3/imola...and viola ! :)

    BTW: Thanks for your setup...it maked a huge difference. :thumbsup:
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  20. The F... happened to this car with 0.6.6?
    I'm lost... sometimes upgrades took speed away from some cars but what happened to this car was brutal.