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Skins BMW Sports Trophy Team Studie GT300 2014-10-06

Replica #7 car from Super GT GT300

  1. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa submitted a new resource:

    BMW Sports Trophy Team Studie GT300 - Replica #7 car from Super GT GT300

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  2. airutonpurosuto8912


    Finally been waiting for this so far.
  3. wait, I actually waiting you make this one since you make some wip before. But, after I watch Super GT race yesterday I think "why not I make this one" so yes, this is the skin :p

    well I still can't make GSR Miku 2014 thought '-' I quite bad using pen tool and tracing '-'
  4. blackwood91


    Tsugoinee =)
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  5. Thanks mate :D Actually I isn't satisfied yet about this skins, because I can't give them wings and fog lamp some sponsors '-' hopefully someday Kunos can bring we some update for this car '-'

    well, who anybody in here is have high resolution from GSR Miku 2014?
    Somehow I want make the skins from GSR Miku this year '-'
    Or Endless BMW Z4 from Super Taikyuu is fine too '-'

    pict related :
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  6. blackwood91


    yeeeeeeees Miku-chan :roflmao:

    はいいいいいいいいミク ちゃん :roflmao:
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