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Skins BMW Sauber Custom Skin 1.2

BMW Sauber inspired custom skin

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    BMW Sauber Custom Skin - BMW Sauber inspired custom skin

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  2. Pretty car, thanks for the release!
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  3. thanks buddy :thumbsup: hope you like it
  4. realitychecked


    Beautiful, an absolute beauty. 11/10 ;)
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  5. amazing,just great
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  6. 11/10. out of maximum value LOL :roflmao: but thanks so much mate :thumbsup:
  7. thanks mate :thumbsup:
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  8. Tell me because of what may be a bug machine partner disappears at a distance of about two or three blocks away from me. That is itself a pilot is flying in the air and under the shadow of the car. If it is doganyat car appears.
  9. sorry i don't really get what did you mean about. can you show me your issues by giving me some screenshot?
  10. +1 awesome work! as always from you Henky :thumbsup:
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  11. thanks Philipp :thumbsup:
  12. hey guys, i've changed the specocc & materials.xml so later you will get the car in bright white like my render.
    i will upload the update tomorrow.

  13. Hi m8 i ask you for permission to juse that a skin from you to make a new skin from me wich base on that Sauber skin ;)
  14. of course mate, you are allowed to :thumbsup:
  15. originally
  16. What a bug!!
  17. oh yeah, i forgot to tell that i installed HighLOD by vlasovas. http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/resources/high-lod-improvements.1007/
    i never had that issue
    so for those who don't install that mod, the car maybe disappear because the HighLOD.pssg and lowLOD.pssg are different than original. install the Highlod mod mate.
    or for alternative, try copy all files & folders located in mc2's cars & interiors in your game, rename it all to sa2 (for example : mc2_highlod.pssg to sa2_highlod.pssg), exports all textures in my files then import them again to your game files.
    another alternative, copy only the skin & interiors to mclaren.
    and please, calm down.
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  18. realitychecked