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Skins BMW M3 Skins & Extras by Digigrafet 1.6

Digigrafet Skins etc. For AC Core Content: Incremental download links contained within original post

  1. Tim Brokaw submitted a new resource:

    Digigrafet AC Skins & Extras - All skins past, present and future by digigrafet will be included in one file

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  2. Assetto Corsa forum users are currently beta testing the Essa Replica to make sure the wheels and rims animate properly when in motion.
  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Very nice mate, just installed the wheels and they look awesome.

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  4. Tim Brokaw updated Digigrafet AC Skins & Extras with a new update entry:

    GSR E92 Drift Livery Added - E92 Drift Rim Folder Added - E92 Drift Tire Folder Added

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  5. coming soon
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  6. Awesome, mate!
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  7. Hey Guys,
    How can I get the psd files of these skins?