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Skins BMW M3 GT3 1.0

BMW M3 GT3 based on Farfus DTM BMW

  1. Skin looks very nice, but I only get 6 dds files, no structure, no map, no idea where to put them.
    Btw: it is GT2 car (title says GT3)
  2. Yes, its GT3, it says GT2, but is GT3, you put the files in

    Then you choose the custom livery and voilá :)

    If you need any help feel free
  3. Sorry Julius, my bad, I found the skin so nice that I overlooked that it was made for pCars (works different than AC) ... hence my confusion... :whistling:
  4. Hehehehe, no worries, maybe one day I buy AC and make some liveries for it ;)
  5. Well, I could not wait, so I downloaded the skin to use in pCars... ;)
  6. Really????? NICE, you gotta give me your user, so you can beat me over and over :p
  7. In my dreams...;)
    Not racing online anymore...
  8. Ohhh, howcome?
    If you want I have a nice Vette livery too, its fictious, Its what I use