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Skins BMW M3 GT2 Community Gaming Crystal Edition 0.1.2

Request skin for CGU

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  1. looks great , but the logos need aligning correctly Rickne , ,
    they look really strange , change the angle to match the body lines , you will see what i mean , the way you have it looks intentional , but still does not look right , them changes will make all the difference :thumbsup:
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  2. try looking in game. I have a feeling I did not update the screenshots ^^

    I will double check :D
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  3. I do not really download skins unless by ML n the guy,s , just was pointing out anything you might have missed , just some friendly advice is all :)
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  4. ok point taken :p they were wonky. I applied grids and lines and all manner of measuring devices and all have been adjusted. :D
  5. its weird . The doors arnt as mirror perfect as youd expect. :/