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Cars BMW E90 WTCC '06-'08 1.0

BMW E90 WTCC '06-'08 Touring Car rFactor2


    Unfortunately every time I try to upload here the rfcmp an error at the end of the upload occours.
    So please refer to the ISI thread for downloading the new version 1.1:

    Slow Motion submitted a new resource:

    BMW E90 WTCC '06-'08 - BMW E90 WTCC '06-'08 Touring Car rFactor2

    Read more about this resource...
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
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  2. airutonpurosuto8912


    Screenshots please! ;)
  3. You dont need screenshots...trust me. Great mod!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  4. I had to turn down caster a bit and up FFB, then it became great! Felt at home at once (STCC & WTCC in Race 07 is my starting point and i have really missed this kind of cars in RF2 so far).
    I hope there will be more mods like this! Excellent!
  5. Hello

    Excellent. Very good job.

    Thanks and salute from France
  6. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

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