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BMW E90 @ Mosport - Tuesday 13th March 2012

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by James Chant, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member


    Mod: BMW E90 v1.03 (Download) + (rFm Update)
    Track: Mosport 09 (Download)
    20:00 GMT: Practice
    20:20 GMT: Qualification
    20:30 GMT: Warm-up
    20:35 GMT: Race (2 X 20 Minutes, Standing start)

    Server and teamspeak password: Click Here
    RD Club Rules: Click Here
    Live Timing: Click Here

    Extra Notes
    •Chatting of any kind during Qualifying and the Race is strictly prohibited. There is no need to say sorry/thanks/pitting/leaving pits/etc. Anything that needs to be said can wait until after the session.
    •Licensed Members are encouraged to share images, videos and race reports in this thread.
    •If you feel you were wronged in any way during an event and wish to report the incident, simply send the event organiser a private message. Please include a description of the incident along with a video. Do not post reports/accusations in the thread itself - negativity and anger gets us nowhere.To sign up simply state below.

    Sign ups as maybe - will add you to the reserve list only. You will only be added to the end of the main signup list when you confirm attendance,

    Sign-up list (max 30):
    1. Danny Clarke
    2. Christen Struys
    3. Milan Tomicic
    4. Florea Calin
    5. Stephen Du Cross
    6. David Jundt
    7. Lims Chebbi
    8. Wayne Morgan
    9. -
    10. -
    1. Bradley Vanian
    2. Martin Baines
    3. Oliver Payne
  2. I'm in as a maybe for now as I rarely race on Tuesday + I have an action packed League Week.
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  3. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I will be doing some more testing re: the stcc / btcc cars issue.

    Until then assume we will only be using WTCC cars.

    Please (if you can) submit skins by 22:00 GMT on monday for inclusion in the Skin Pack.

    Template link TBA

    Please do not remove the number panels, but feel free to update the numbers :)
  4. Sign me up please James. :)
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  5. But James, I had the problem with a WTCC-car (wtcc08-> last team, I think No16) so it can be, that the hole mod... I won't race in Mosport09 ( :( ) I will have a league-race :(
  6. Put me as a reserve please, but next week is looking busy.. thinking im more likely to be able to do these races fortnightly.. its a great mod tho, hope it stays around a bit :)
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  7. me 2 plz

  8. Sing me plz.
  9. Von Butters

    Von Butters
    Premium Member

    Put my name down pls
  10. sign me as a maybe please
  11. Von Butters

    Von Butters
    Premium Member

    Im not going to be able to make this guys, ive double booked with a league commitment, sorry
  12. Any news on the template James?

    I won't be able to make this week, got a couple league commitments as well as Uni work :(
  13. er, i'm finding this track very hard to get to grips with, and might not be able to make it anyway, so sign me up as a maybe please
  14. im in
  15. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Not as yet - Had a busy week. I'll likely get it up on Thursday.

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  16. Hi Guys, I like the look of this....I'm in :)
  17. I'll say yes for now.
  18. :) Count me in pls, cheers
  19. yes please