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BMW 1M S3 @ Vallelunga

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Hans Prengel, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Hans Prengel

    Hans Prengel

    Hello fellow racers,

    i did read this forum for a long time and i did find a ton of useful tips and setups.
    So thanks for that first :)

    But i couldn`t manage to find a good setup for this bmw at vallelunga. It feels like a boat so maybe someone of you can share his setup.

  2. Joco Gorenc

    Joco Gorenc

    25-28psi, camber -4.2 -3.5

    some negative front toe i guess too
  3. aetre


    I do enjoy its stock characteristics and I'm not a fan of dialing them down usually, just working with its personality to see how quick I can get with it (turn 2-3 is tricky eh?) but I also realize setups are part of the game and if I want to keep up I gotta join in.

    I'm going to try that setup as I just happened to have finished a 4lap session best of 1:59 with that very same combo - ANNNNND got it imported into AIM telemetry an hour ago so this is a perfect opportunity to study. Thanks guys perfect timing on my part =)

    PS. I will always share my telemetry/replay/ghost files if requested. Only ask for feedback in return so I can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Friend me on steam if you are like-minded, and like to share racecraft. or just talk about it like a fat kid at CakeCamp.