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Blurry terrain textures in BTB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by spamsac, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. BTB seems to blur the terrain textures once beyond a short distance from the view point, but leaves the road texture in tact.

    Is there a way to alter the settings for this at all? It's quite difficult to get a sense of how well different textures are working together when one side of a join is a sharp texture, and the other side is blurry.

    It's perhaps not the best picture to demonstrate what I mean, but you can see in the image below that the first few inches of grass either side of the road (which in this instance are part of the road texture) are much sharper and in focus that the grass texture applied to the terrain beyond it.


    This isn't an issue to do with the relative quality of the two textures; they are both the same resolution per unit length, and when the camera is positioned accordingly, both textures are in sharp focus.

    These are textures I've made myself from scratch, and at the minute are at high resolution. I know seeing things in BTB is different from seeing them in game and within the game engine, but I'm trying to see how well textures match up, how well they tile, and how they look at different resolutions so as to balance aesthetic appeal and resource demands.

    Any help much appreciated,
  2. Go to Venue Materials, find the material and in the 'textures' tab, reduce the Mip Bias value. Look at the values used by the default track texture, and that diffuse, bump and specular use different values.

    I think those values are best for materials the player can drive over.

    Those values can also be set in the XPacker program, but you might have to reload the XPack, if you're using one, for the values to take effect. Of course the materials in the XPack will go into venue materials, so you can still change the values from there.
  3. Both textures (road and grass) are set as "Diffuse only" and have Mip Bias 0.

    I don't have a great understanding of diffuse, bump and specular (I roughly know what they mean and what they do, but haven't touched any settings yet), and have just imported materials/textures with the default settings presented in the XPacker (I've just adjusted scaling).

    Thanks for your reply,