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BluRay\DVD Playback problem

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Craig Stevenson, May 17, 2013.

  1. My Mate has a bit of a problem playing BluRay (2D\3D) and DVD, he uses Cyberlink PowerDVD (currently V12 Ultra), whenever he tries to play a BluRay or DVD he just gets a speckled screen, kinda like when you pull the UHF aerial lead out of a TV, the DVD plays fine in Windows Media Player but there is no other software on there capable of playing a BluRay.

    We removed all of Cyberlink MediaSuite 9 Ultra (which comes with PowerDVD 10) and later upgrades of PowerDVD 11 & 12 Ultra that were purchased separately, We then re-installed MediaSuite 9 Ultra and tried to play a couple of BluRay and DVD's, PowerDVD popped up a message saying to play this disc PowerDVD needed to be updated, we did that and it still wouldn't play. All the disks we just tried play fine on his wife's computer which I believe is using an LG bundled version of Cyberlink Disk Suite which includes PowerDVD 10.

    Anyone any suggestions?, I would have thought removing and re-installing Cyberlink would have cured any program corruption as it was working fine before.


  2. The problem remained after uninstalling all Cyberlink Software and then today installing the latest PowerDVD 13 Trial. We were just about to start installing other player software (Corel WinDVD Trial was first on the list) when we decided to check the refresh rate of the Monitor, as it turns out this was the answer, the problem was down to the Monitor Refresh Rate being set at 144Hz, dropped it back to 120Hz and all fine again, would have been nice if PowerDVD could have thrown up some user friendly message instead of this :rolleyes: PDVDSCreen.jpg