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Blotchy Shadows on Walls & Transparent Walls... Among Other Things.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Drummer, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hello folks,

    More BTB problems I'm afraid; it seems never ending. I'm having problems with shadows in Rfactor being blotchy and patchy and casting in very odd directions and an issue with walls being transparent. Now, the transparency issue might be of my own doing, but the shadow issue is mind boggling.

    Shadows: This seems to happen with every conceivable shape and type of wall laid in almost every direction; as well as being very patchy and ugly, it appears that the light that said wall is blocking is emitting from the ground, because shadows cast on cars are cast all over from only sunlight and the shadows that the cars cast onto the wall go all over the wall too, it's quite bizarre. If I use a wall as a drivable surface and set it to cast shadows, when I drive on it, the whole car goes dark. The same thing applies for string objects like kerbs too. I built a dirt embankment with the wall tool and set it to cast onto cars and not only is it really patchy, but it does the same thing when driven over with the casting on the cars. Some walls actually appear almost pitch black in places too.

    Transparencies: I've created an armco material in a step-by-step fashion with the tutorial on YouTube with the dog. This takes you through the three steps of getting an object with alpha material into BTB. I'm wondering if I've messed something up to make them transparent? Maybe someone would be able to edit my current material so that it works properly, please?

    I'm also facing issues with collisions on walls randomly unchecking themselves, even though I've made sure to check every single wall at my venue. Is there anything common that causes this?

    Might it be easier for me to create one shape and material wall, with no shadows or collisions, one collision wall, not rendered, no shadows but has collision settings and one shadow wall, no mats or collisions and rendered as shadow only; having each of these over the same area to create one wall? Just an idea, but I wanted to check and see if anyone else had done it before.

    Also, a final thing: When using string objects, how do I stop the objects from stretching along the length of the string? Say I've got a foam bale (I finally got it working in BTB), and I want to create a foam bale wall. How do I make it keep all those bales at the exact same scale along the length, instead of stretching them like it does? Unchecking 'can stretch' doesn't help, I've tried that.

    I hope someone can help or advise, or I might be tempted to export it through to a 3DS file and pay someone else to finish it in Max for me because it's getting a bit too stressful and time consuming; for a program that's meant to be so user friendly. My trial is almost up too and I'm not willing to pay so much money for something which seems to have so many bugs and no customer support from the creator.

    Many thanks for reading.

  2. Using different models for different purposes is adviceable. There are certain geometries that just don't work very well ingame so using a SObj for visual and Wall for collision is good. Normally walls work well with collisions just make sure the shape doesn't have edges out, that might cause bugs. You can create the collision surface with the same shape you're using for your visual, they are then packed inside the same GMT instead of different instance, ie two GMTs, two instances.. I'll try to remember to draw pics tomorrow. Only draw back is that you have more complex collision shape but the actual interacting surface is smooth and simple, just like the game likes it And cars never get to react with the more complex shape "cocooned" inside transparent collision.

    Shadows are a bitch. They are hard and most likely you have to use different object for shadows and for visual. If someone knows how to use Child Objects, coud explain how to create shadow objects that are placed exactly where the object is with XPacker.

    SObjects stretch. Nothing you can do about it. Sorry. I use ruler tool if i have a certain length for SObject objects. You can download the CK-Tools from here, there's some rulers and crossections: http://cream.galleria.fi/BTB/XPacks/ (the default.zip is for EVO! It has fixed startlights and CK-Tools inside.)

    Never had wall attributes change by them selves.
  3. Thankyou very much for your reply! I'm sorry I hadn't replied sooner, but I've been busy moving house, again, and have only just got back on my PC after over a week, and a new installation. I've managed to place different walls for different purposes, but I'm yet to try it again in Rfactor. Have you any idea what might be causing my transparency issue? I've looked at the dds file; in the alpha channel, the black is BLACK and the white is WHITE, there's no slightly darker shade of white, or slightly lighter shade of black at all, it seems to be totally pure to me, so I can't figure out why the armco is appearing translucent ingame. Might it be because the back and front surfaces of the armco are too close to each other? I basically made a front side and a back side, which are joined at the top, just like the default walls, but these are both pretty close together and I wonder if it's causing it to glitch up?

    Thankyou very much for your help so far, and for the link, much appreciated! :)