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"Blinking" cars

Discussion in 'Racer' started by matt94, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I downloaded the last version of Racer, the 0.8.44.

    Using that version, all cars are not correctly displayed...

    Here is a picture of the issue : [​IMG]
    My question is quite easy : What version of Racer should I use ?

    I would prefer a CG-compatible version, I already tried Racer 080, 0.8.24,0.8.25,0.8.26... no success.

    Bye and thanks !
  2. Hi! The last version of Racer it's 0.90 RC4 right now ;)

    Some cars will show great on your version and other don't. For the Ferrari of the shot you should try older versions if you want to use it.
  3. Hi !

    I'll try 0.90 RC4 tomorrow and I'll inform you about it :)

    Note that with that version, only 3 cars are compatible... amongst many recent cars !

    If I use older versions, either the issue is still there, either it's worst/no CG...

    Bye ! :)
  4. Hi,

    I tried the last version, but problem are still there... for 90% of my cars.

    The non-CG version allowed me to have some cars working +/- properly, but that's not beautiful. (no shiny textures, etc.)

    Does this happen to you too ?

    I have Win7 64x and a nVidia 560 Ti, I think it's enough...

    What are your advices ? Should I install something, or... ?
  5. Try the default car, the Lamborghini Murcielago. If that displays correctly, then it's not your system or the Racer version, but the cars. They probably don't have CG shaders.
  6. Hi,

    You're right, the Lambo works great :)

    Ok, so most of my cars don't have CG shaders... Excepted 2 or 3.

    But some cars don't work on both versions (CG and nonCG, i'll make pics il you want) + every car on non-CG doesn't have any "brightness", that's annoying, I'm quite sure that (at least) an older version had a better render of those cars... :(

    PS : Can I make nonCG cars become CG cars ?