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Blending Function in RBR Posible?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by E.Zelaieta, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    I haven't got RBR installed in this PC, so I cant test it.

    I want know if blending tecnique, from BTB, works in RBR?


    Thanks, bye :wink2:
  2. yes, it does perfectly
  3. even without BTB you still have control over shaders and the material parameters through ini, so you can pretty much do all sorts of blendings and what not. one of the major reasons for choosing not to use the RBR original track file formats was to be able to customise the materials and even improve if you want to.
    if you export any track from BTB and check the FX folder you will see a bunch of effects Piddy already wrote to support rFactor like materials and they are more than enough usually but you're not limited to those. feel free to experiment with them, i know coding effects is not really a walk in the park but then again nor is making tracks, in any case, pretty much everything you'll need is there :).

    to make effects and materials tweaking easier there is the F2 key which will reload the materials and effects while in game so you can make quick changes and see the results on the fly.
    in example you can add a new texture in Textures folder and then you can write the texture's name inside materials.ini over an existing one, then press F2 to update the scene, all that without reexporting or even restarting RBR, well you get the idea by now i suppose.

    to easily inspect the changes the plugin also has a camhack. set the camera to external and then use the numpad to move around or right click and drag the mouse to rotate. the keys are 4-6 for left-right, 8-2 for front-back, 9-3 up-down and 0 to reset the camera to it's default position. have fun.
  4. Besides this last post, which I found immensely interesting, today in the forum I collected some pieces of information that are really encouraging for RBR fans (Piddy wrote it wants to add global normals to track/terrain, a new RBR plugin is coming, wonder what will be improved, etc.).

    It would be extremely interesting if Jharro could stress what, in the end, might make the use of the plugin more profiteable over the original format. I have the impression that presently people are tempted out by finishing tracks in 3dsmax, for a number of reasons everybody knows. On the other hand, the plugin already offers something new, and it even promises more...

    :)wink2: good one, eh?)

  5. instead of me stressing out why you should use the plugin you can tell us why you would not use it :). 3ds max being a full blow mesh editor ofcourse it will always have more features than say BTB, all with a price but it will not create nor make exporting RBR tracks a easier job, in fact its alot more frustrating with little or no advantages imho, but you know what, don't take my word for it, just do the comparation for yourself and let me know if i'm talking nonsene :)

    if anything, what you use in the end it really does not matter, the thing is BTB and the plugin atleast offers the best way to rapidly build and test a track and if for any reasons you choose to finish the job in max nobody tries to stop you, you know. what BTB exports for the plugin it's all open and easily importable in max or other via some script, so you see, nobody says you should not use max, i've could probably make things hard using some obscure compressed or encripted file formats but that would be the fun in that when the original file formats are already "encripted" enough? :p

    things as they are now are "wip" at best and i'm fully aware of what the missing features in a rx-track when compared to an original track but that comparation doesn't really concerns me. we're working on improving performance without complicate things too much but as what features the plugin supports what you should know is that pretty much everything i wanted to is already inthere: fully and easily customisable materials,
    fast loading, easy instalation and sharing, all these at no cost(the plugin cames with BTB but nobody asks money for it, nor tries to stop you from using it whatever way you like).