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Blender Help

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aadilf1, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hi guys i just wanted to ask if there is a way that you can apply a texture to more than one face, like stretching one texture over all your selected faces. I hope you understand what i mean lol.
  2. If an object has several faces such as an area of grass you can expand the uv image to cover all faces, it will change the rsolution a bit. That was one way I covered the grass areas on my watkins track. You have to try it and see if you like the effect.

    Experiment with Blender and save the .blend file first. If you don't like the result just reload the .blend file or undo what you did.
  3. how do i expand it?
  4. Set a pane from 3D view to 'UV editor', switch to edit mode and select what you want to map. Then select it again in the UV editor and move it around. You can also do a few automatic mappings by pressing U in 3d view and then choosing a projection type.
  5. Ok thanks, il try that when i get the time :)
  6. The faces selected in uv editor mode can be scaled, moved, and rotated to set the image effect desired.