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Blender and Race 07 .. Anyone do this??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Vaughn Stegeman, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. I'm a long-time user of Blender, and have worked in 3D software going on 20 years now. I've used Max in the past, but don't currently have a copy. I've been keeping my pipeline legit and as open-source as possible.
    I'm interesting in basically two things regarding Blender and Race 07.
    A) Opening cars, WITH their UV Maps, in Blender to facilitate car-skinning.
    B) Making race tracks.
    So, does anyone know if either (hopefully both) of these are possible? What formats are the required files? Tips and pitfalls?
    Thanks in advance. :geek:
  2. I'm currently out of time to answer all of your questions in a satisfying way...but I will try to give some quick answers!
    I use Blender for modeling and modding for Race07 but other games (esp. rFactor) too! Currently Blender as single software isn't capable of those ISI gmotor files so you will need 3DSimEd or ZModeler as a second tool for converting your 3D models and change/enhance the materials. With 3DSimEd you simply can export DAE files and open them into Blender. This works really great and you nearly have no data loss (some times this can happen but doesn't have to). When you import your DAE you exportet with Blender you will need to reset the materials to your needs and export the files into the desired file format. One problem you will directly see is that the Size doesn't fit any more. You will have to scale your models by factor 100 in 3DSimed to have the correct size again.

    You can search for other posts by me in the modding forum too and in some of them I allready formulated tipps and hints about Blender and modding with it ;) Sry that I can't put everything together for you now. Oh and search for my uploaded open-source modding files here in the forums. They were made with blender and may show you that modding with Blender is definitely possible!
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  3. Hey thanks man!! I figured it likely that people must be using Blender, seeing how awesome and powerful it is. :thumbsup:
  4. FuNK! -- Okay, I did search and found a few posts of yours, but nothing really with specifics.
    MOST specifically for now I'm curious about how to import any given vehicle into Blender WITH it's UV mapping intact so I can paint cars IN Blender .. as such I could over-paint UV seams without difficulty.
  5. As I wrote before: "With 3DSimEd you simply can export DAE files and open them into Blender." :D Any other DAE export should do the same but importing GMT files could be the challenge ;)
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  6. And that'll bring the UV map with it? fair nuf then :thumbsup:
  7. That's what I wanted to say with that :D

    I only found the following pictures of renders I made a while back. There for I exported the car model with 3DSimEd and imported it in Blender. Except some finetuning on the model's mesh and it's mapping I didn't change much ;)

    plus one @ nogrip-gallery
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  8. Ubuntu Audi. LOVE it!! :thumbsup:
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  9. Thank you! My skin and it's available over at nogrip ;)
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