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Blend Tool

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Scott Vincent, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. I sorry I cant seem to find the blend tool?

    Where is it, I have read the help sheet, although I cant find any blend tool

    Please help. Thanks
    Scott :cool:
  2. "I have read the help sheet"

    :confused: Maybe so, but I managed to find the following section by simply typing "Blend" in the search box of BTB v0.8.0.3 User Manual:
    Blending is the technique of merging two different textures to form a smooth transition from one to the other instead of having a sharp distinct line between the materials. This is maintained at the Face level but can be set easily for a whole Terrain Area too.
    In BTB you can use the Blending tool in two different ways:
    In addition to the Primary Material, you can add another Material or Background Image with which to blend. By default Blending is set to None; use the drop down list to select either Another Material or Background Image. More controls then become available.
    Another Material – Select another Material from which to blend allowing perfect transition from one Material to the Next.
    Blend with a Background Image – if used with a Background Image that covers a broad area, this can give a more flowing appearance.
    If you selected Another Material then another Texture Icon appears which can be clicked to select a Blend Material. If you selected Background Image, the list of currently loaded Background Images is displayed.
    The Get and Apply buttons are useful for copying the Materials Blend properties from one faces to others. Click the Get button to retrieve the Blend properties of the selected faces. If various Blend properties are currently selected then the most popular one will be displayed. Select the face(s) you wish to copy these Blend Properties to and click the Apply button.
    A blending percentage sets how much of the second texture is blended into the primary. Change the percentage and all selected faces will be updated.
    [​IMG]Rub Blend
    This tool allows you to change the percentage of blend per anchor by rubbing over them.
    With the faces already selected and Blending properties applied, this tool provides an easier way to adjust the Blending percentage for each corner of the selected faces. Click and drag over the Faces’ Anchors to increase the blending amount, hold SHIFT to reduce the blending amount. The effect is strongest at the centre of the circle and fades to no effect at the edges.
    Two parameters alter the strength and the radius of the effect.
  3. I think the Evo version of BTB does not have the blend tool because the game does not support blended textures.
  4. To reiterate what R Soul is saying, BTBEVO DOES NOT have blending.
  5. ahhh man ok well thank you guys for helping.

    hmmmm will have to cover up the two different textures with bushes or something :)
  6. Have a close look at the gravel traps at ISI's Silverstone track. That's how I do my gravel traps now; A transition texture on a very thin track, which has 1 panel of terrain on either side. That terrain is then joined to the terrain of the main track. It's not genuinely seamless, but anyone who can see the seams is doing it wrong.