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Skins Blancpain Lamborghini F1 Team 2.0

fictional Lamborghini team, not a full team pack

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    Blancpain Lamborghini F1 - fictional Lamborghini livery

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  2. Schumifan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Nice and why it will be your last ?
  3. thanks.
    i'm surrendered with all of skinning limitations & restrictions on this title. have a plan either switch to 2012 or wait for 2014.
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  4. handsomely:thumbsup:
  5. maybe you mean "beautiful" but thanks!
    i'm going to update this from only car skin into full team packages in a few hours. so stay tune!
  6. yes it is beautiful:thumbsup:
  7. Henky SA updated Blancpain Lamborghini F1 with a new update entry:

    (not a) Full team pack

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  8. I really nravvitsya black. I have a Ferrari, Caterham, Mercedes, Sauber and McLaren now. it's cool.
  9. A great update for a great work ;)
  10. thanks!
    have spent 3 days for working the updates & had an uploading problem since yesterday. now i'm glad it's finally updated :D
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2014
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  11. Very nice job!! great detail thanks for all of your hard work.
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  12. thanks buddy.
    as this is my last work for this title, i've put all my effort for this mod. hope you enjoy it m8 ;)
  13. Jimmie Reese #2

    Jimmie Reese #2
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Should update the helmet :D but I like it
  14. i have no idea how to make a helmet :D that's why i wrote "would be appreciated if someone could help me to make a helmets & gloves for this skin" in the notes below :D
  15. Same goes for me. I just s*ck at helmet making. I guess I wasn't born for helmet making. Cars suits me better than helmets. Those are 10 times more time consuming than cars.
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  16. i've tried to mod some helmet before & it ended up with headache to me :cautious:
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2014
  17. Nice Skin ,BTW. Looks stylish :thumbsup:
  18. thanks mate. nice avatar btw (where's your dragon? :roflmao:)
    a sweet farewell for skin mod of this game (for me) :cool: :ninja:

    just render my skin for fun, trying to apply another environment apart of studio. i'm amazed that the car is (almost) like a real :cool: (but the background looks :poop:)
  19. Well try to find keyshot environments. If that doesn't work then try to find garage images in google images.
    BTW my dragon didn't disappear, it's that that I find the snake better and more epic than the dragon :)
    I'm working on a last piece for this game as well. That would be really the last. BTW where did you get those tyres, or are they just the normal tyre treads from cm game?From what I see it looks like you simply added paint effect to the tyre , right?
  20. have downloaded some environments from keyshot's official site. not satisfied at all.
    found the site which have a very nice environment in great resolution. but they are worth 5 euros for each environment.
    yep you're right, it's a CM's tyre tread. but i added the paint effect on it
    hope 2014 will be better (apart of the .... nose :cautious:)