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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

Career Blancpain GT Series 1.2

Adds the Blancpain GT Series into Assetto Corsa

  1. Tom Michelmore submitted a new resource:

    Blancpaint GT Series - Adds the Blancpain GT Series into Assetto Corsa

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  2. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron
    Don't give me your patter Premium

    looks great also like the fact you included skins.
  3. Excellent work man. This career mode modding is going to be great once we get some more mods.
  4. Edu Martinez

    Edu Martinez

    the mod works perfect, and very clever making race weekend, very very good :thumbsup:
  5. Thanks! Only thing missing now is being able to choose the car!
    Not an complain on your work it,s an limitation for now! Hopefully it will be possible in the future!
  6. I have an request
    Could you do and update on this with copy,s of the Championship and just change the car used?

    IE that would make it to 3 championships within the game but I would love to have it!
  7. Thank you very much for your mod. It's exactly what I was waiting for.
    I didn't check career files architecture yet. So, my following idea is maybe silly.
    In order to overcome the current 10 laps limitation and have more consistent race weekends wouldn't it be possible to imagine 2 legs of 10 laps for each weekend?
    Grid of the 1st race would be done with qualifs results and 2nd one would be done following race 1 results or randomly if it's too much complex.
  8. Sure, no problem. I'll probably add them as separate downloads though because by the time Kunos have released all the GT3 cars I imagine the file would be getting annoyingly big for someone who only wants one car. :)

    I'm not sure but it might be possible to have 2 races in one go but it may confuse AC with championship points and race order. I'll give it a try later on.

    Thanks for all the kind words peeps. :D
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  9. Suggestion - you could just do it via the ini files for each event. Easy-peasy really, just change MODEL=mercedes_sls_gt3 to whatever you need. You can even change the skin/driver name/nationality under the car_0 section if you wanted. It could all be in the same ZIP with instructions on which files to copy where so folks don't get confused. Just a thought.
  10. Yeah I just realised I'd been really stupid. I assumed the file size would increase by 25 megabytes each time I added a season with a different GT3 car then realised the liveries wouldn't need to be re-downloaded so the file size will only increase by 1-2 megabytes. :D

    I'll have all the series with each car under one download. :)
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  11. Just thinking! Is it possible to link deeper within directories when you create this?

    IE If we first click on an GT icon, then we get to the car choice and clicking the car we want we get to the championship?
  12. Sadly no, I just tried it then and it didn't allow me to create a directory. I don't think its currently supported by AC at the moment. :( Perhaps its something we could bug Kunos about to add. ;)
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  13. Suspected that!

    Another question: I read about some Championship template at the AC forum?
    I could not find it...is that what you are using?

    Really like to take an look at it and maybe do some of my own championships!
  14. I believe all you need to do is in the series.ini file, under the [GOAL] section you need to define how many points is required to pass and say what the point system is under the [SERIES] section too.

    I don't think there is a championship template required for this. This .ini file comes with all these options in one of Kuno's series (but obviously different details).

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  15. Tom Michelmore updated Blancpain GT Series with a new update entry:

    V1.1 released

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  16. Well done TM, I think that's about all one can do right now since the Career Mode is limited to one specific car per objective. Will give it a go this evening and help where I can. Cheers.
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  17. Unfortunately I'm unable to use that as it only contains the LIVERY_d.psd file and not the whole car skin. It looks really nice though.
  18. Sorry, wrong file. Will up the correct skin files tonight from home when possible.
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