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Blancpain 2012 Mod Tire Temperatures Just Too High, A little help?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Griffin Langhans, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. I downloaded the MOD from Alex Koda and have enjoyed it thoroughly, but the problem I have and I think everyone else has is the tire temperature. Every time I want to drive I always have to keep paying attention to my tire temps because they go into the 200 and up range on the scale and go down very rapidly making for bad braking and turning. This irritates me because I like sharp street circuits, but this causes the tires to go up in temp and cause me to spin out and adding even more heat making me have to wait until the tires are cool enough to drive, or just bashing me into the wall and crash out of the race. The video here (
    ) shows what the correct temperatures should be but still they go up to quickly but at least don't hit the 200 range in heat. If anyone has a fix for this could you please help me or even all of us out? That would be amazing! Thanks and Cheers.
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  2. Indeed, overdriving does that to your tires. This mod (BES 1.2) has the proper approach to tire heat generation - the physics modder did good work there, that's close to how real tires heat up and cool down.

    You have to rethink how you drive.

    Have a look:

    Consider this, the car above isn't a GT3 and thus will not approach the level of forces and cornering speeds of a GT3.
  3. There are F1 and LMP FLIR footage available, but those are more "extreme" cases.

    Here's another example of the same system:

  4. A buddy of mine remembered an Olivier Panis video of a GT3 at Magny C.

    Ignore the faulty rear right probe and focus on the others:

  5. Alright, Thank you for putting this into a more realistic point of view with the videos, I guess I'm more dialed in with the game tire temps that keep your tires warm and grippy than I am with this mod. I was tired of getting frustrated how when I would keep my foot on the gas while I was in a spin and the tires would get up to 200 degrees plus in temp. Guess when I go into a spin I should immediately get off the gas and not spin my tires so much. Thanks for the research and help.
  6. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC Premium

    I am having problems with getting the tyres up to temperature on this mod. They hit about 100 deg in corners but then go down to 65 deg before the next corner leaving me with very little grip and the feeling of driving on ice.
  7. Josh,

    unfortunately I cannot show you data from telemetry bursts (from prototypes to GT1 and GT3 cars) which could easily show you and others how in real life tire temps vary from one corner to the next and during a mid to long straight, but the videos above should help understand the Blancpain mod temps.

    You can also do a search on YT for tire temps in iRacing, rF2 and pCARS, and you'll see these sims are following the same trend as Blancpain's. Obviously, there's more to grip than temperature alone, but if tires follow proper temperature & pressure curves and grip is accounted for correctly, then that is what you'll get from now on.

    As a lot of people are now realizing in iRacing, the new tire developments demand a different approach to driving and tire management.

    No way to escape this.