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Tracks Blackwood RELOADED (UHD Version) 0.8

Blackwood RELOADED

  1. GrandSurf submitted a new resource:

    Blackwood RELOADED (UHD Version) - Blackwood RELOADED

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  2. thanks!!
  3. Winrar just for that...why?
    edit: Anyway, track is looking amazing, very good quality, thank you.

    No password required, but like author said: winrar is mandatory, 7zip simply dont work.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2015
  4. Beautiful track..Looks amazing..Thanks for this gang..great work.
  5. GMC


    It looks like a great piece of work from the pictures but I can't unpack it because it says it's password protected.
  6. Wow!!! fantastic work, hope you can do more LFS tracks like Kyoto ring;)
  7. Hi. I downloaded the track, but even with winrar, says the file is damaged. Any help / tips please?
  8. Pls use Winrar 5.21.
  9. GMC


    Using Winrar 5.21 it worked. Great looking track with good AI cars! Nice work!!! This is the most real unreal track I've seen yet. Thank you :thumbsup:
  10. why cant i just unzip it with 7zip like every other Mod? I wont install winrar just for one mod sry
  11. Why havent I looked at this before!!!???....Absolutely first class. Thank you.
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