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Misc BlackSeries Theme 2.0

BlackSeries theme, theme, Black

  1. And where do i need to install the files? Please, i really want to use this mod because it looks really good, but i have no idea how to and where to install it
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  2. I'm so sorry, i forgot to write instructions. Btw, Blackseries_theme goes to C\............\Steam\steamapps\common\Assettocorsa\Launcher\themes. Then, when you're in-game, cilck crtl+t and select Blackseries theme.
  3. I really like your theme, but I'm using 2560x1440 as my resolution and your theme doesn't seem to work with that. Will you update that in the future?
  4. Yes, i will! I'll add new resolutions. From 1k to 4k