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Misc Blackcelica's PP-Filter & Weather 1.5.2 FINAL

All new filter and weather settings for photo realism.

  1. blackcelica submitted a new resource:

    Blackcelica's PP-Filter & Weather - All new filter and weather settings for photo realism.

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  2. A few screens for added flavour.
    2016-02-28_00017.jpg 2016-02-28_00018.jpg 2016-02-28_00019.jpg 2016-02-28_00022.jpg 2016-02-28_00023.jpg 2016-02-28_00027.jpg 2016-02-28_00030.jpg 2016-02-28_00031.jpg 2016-02-28_00032.jpg
  3. Does it still work with default weather? :D
    I couldn't find this nowhere in the description.
  4. Hi, it overwrites the default weathers and is in the description in the overview tab. They have been named the same as the default so it's usable online. Just make sure you back up your originals first.
  5. I see, but what if I use just the ppfilter with the default weather? That's what I mean.
  6. Yes it will work without any problems at all, just try the filter on it's own. However it won't quite have the same look. The new versions of the default weathers included here have had slight colour and effect alterations tailored for what I think is the absolute best for all times and tracks. Just give it a go.
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  7. Ok, after the feedback and slight adjustment in 1.51 it looks much better.
    Following screens are 9:00am Light Fog @ Red Bull Ring.
    2016-02-29_00001.jpg 2016-02-29_00002.jpg 2016-02-29_00003.jpg
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  8. Ciao io ho problemi con lo specchietto virtuale. E' troppo buio. Si può modificare la luminosità?
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  9. English please? I think you are asking about the brightness of the virtual mirror and can it be changed.

    Mi dispiace io non uso specchio virtuale, quindi non posso consigliare.
    sorry I don't use virtual mirror so I can't advise. Anybody else help?
    Just found out that the virtual mirror has no separate exposure or brightness controls. At present it can't be altered separately. It stays the same with any default Kunos filters but altered custom filters don't work properly with virtual mirror, none of them do. Sorry.
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  10. Another random screen. This time its Nurb GP 10.30am Mid clear. Morning GP practice with Alain Prost 1988.
  11. 2016-03-01_00002.jpg 2016-03-01_00004.jpg
    Some Mazda action at Silverstone 17.30 Evening storm brewing.
  12. blackcelica updated Blackcelica's PP-Filter & Weather with a new update entry:

    Added an additional RT (real-tone) filter after reviewing personal feedback.

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  13. A couple of shots of the PP-Blackcelica_1.5RT (Real Tone) filter.
  14. I have made a slight adjustment myself which I think is just a touch better. A slight increase of contrast and brightness by the value of 3 each. It stops it looking a little washed out using clear weather early morning. This can be done easily. Change the colour settings in the PP_Blackcelica-1.5RT filter to this....


  15. Been working on a new set of filters. First is still just called TEST and still WIP. It's a realistic looking one with good godrays, natural looking with medium colour balancing.
    PP TEST.jpg
    The next filter is the HD. This is less godrays but a higher contrast with a slightly richer, sharper look within the cockpit.
    PP HD.jpg
    Lastly and my favourite by far and had the most tweaking done to it is the FX filter. This aims to be the most realistic looking filter of them all. Natural realistic colours that you would see in real life, not over saturated and through a windscreen giving that slight haze look. Added minimum godrays which you can see but only just and a nice track glare when face to face with the sun.
    PP FX.jpg
    Any comments about what looks good out of these 3 would help to finish them off for release.