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Skins Black & Yellow Renault 1.0

A Renault with black and yellow colours

  1. otimo Trabalho gostaria Que voce fizesse uma Equipe Manor preto nin descupe por nao falar em ingles sou brasileiro e curto muitos os mod que voce fez
  2. It's perfect man! Can you perhaps make a one where the black (overall colour) is blue like in the 2000's. Perfect for a long season career. :inlove:

    Also could you maybe (PLEASSSEEEE) make a silver/red Mclaren :x3:
  3. It looks strange in my game. Renault sign at the front is not fully visible and the wheel is all black now Screenshot_6-min.png Screenshot_7-min.png
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  4. hi! great mod but could u maybe do this also as a career mode mod :) i'd appreciate this :) thx and have a nice day :D
  5. It works in career as well
  6. okay thx