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Black Objects in RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by zoka, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Have anyone similar problems people,i have black squares in RBR,today i succeed to create xpack that is visible in rFactor and in GTR2,but in RBR is still black squares
    What happens ,any idea??? i do everything that i can remember:confused:
  2. Do the name of your textures have white spaces?
    Wether it is the case, rename them using the Xpacker texture's tab and try again.
  3. m8 if i understand u correct,they not have spaces??? In Xpacker i have this Path\Name Objects\Untitled\texture0 .jpg
    But now i have another problem:D,the object now are visible,not black anymore,but they have no transparency
    Im waiting for texture guru martinez to be online,problem is in materials if i understand martinez

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  4. In materials tab you have to select transparency:none to transparency:alpha or chroma

    I hope that helps!

    Martinez is probably out photographing chickens right now..
  5. Don't use .j`g, but .dds
    Then select "alpha" in the XPacker transparency options
  6. I do that,but im still struggle,i hope to win my ignorance
  7. No more black squares
    Thanks for help,everyone,especially to martinez,he gave me right guidelines
    but there were litlle to much,and now i find main problem-to replace textures with dds in xpacker
    here is picture from barbjes tutorial

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  8. Great :) I told you that was problem with xpacker :) Good that you know now the way. Good luck!
  9. OT: LOL :signup:
  10. Yep Martinez is very good, with chickens too, tok tok tok...
    Tnx 4 pic, interesting tutorial, did I notice some uTorrent shortcut ? ;)
  11. All chicken are frozen now here, so it's easy to hunt them LOL
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    proberly possible with sheeps too ?