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Misc Black Edition UI by team GSV 1.3

UI for rFactor2

  1. Aslambek submitted a new resource:

    Black Edition by team GSV - UI for rFactor2

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  2. it is possible to update this perfect UI to the new rF2 Build?
    Because, in the gerage there is no breake wear.
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  3. Hi @Aslambek
    We found 2 problems with this well designed and clear easy read fonts.
    In multi player online mode, the square block left to the drivers name is not in line with the rest of the text. It sits between the 2 names. This is when you upload your custom skin to the server. I can include a screen print if required.

    Then there are 2 fields missing when creating your own skin. Click on CAR, then on TUNING.
    Click on CREATE. A new pop up opens and got only 2 fields to populate; 1) Enter New Drive Name and 2) Enter New Team Name. However, 1) Enter New Car Description and 2) Enter New Car Number is missing. Use default skin, follow this route and you will see the 2 extra fields that must also be there.
  4. Robin


    This is a very nicely done UI. Hopefully it gets its minor points fixed.
  5. If not difficult - it makes screenshots of bugs that you notice.
    I will correct them.
  6. very soon, I will fix everything
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  7. When clicking on TUNING and your car comes up you click on CREATE as in first screen.
    rFactor2 2016-01-28 22-23-19-15.jpg
    Now you get a screen to fill in name, team, car and car number (4 fields to fill in), see below: rFactor2 2016-01-28 22-23-25-89.jpg

    But in the BLACK EDITION, there are only 2 fields to fill in, the car Description and Car number is missing, see below:
    rFactor2 2016-01-28 22-24-40-09.jpg

    Hope this helps.
  8. it´s now april, when you will release the updated version?