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Bizarre Creations has closed down

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rhys Gardiner, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. On February 18, acclaimed game developer Bizarre creations shut down after over two decades in the game business.


    For those who do not know, Bizarre Creations is the studio responsible for such critically-acclaimed racing games as Formula 1 '97, Metropolis Street Racer, Project Gotham Racing and Blur.

    Thanks to Blur's poor sales, despite the game being lauded by critics, Activision had originally decided to sell Bizarre due to financial issues. However, there were no companies willing to buy the developer, and so Bizarre's parent company decided to close it down.

    Bizarre will be remembered fondly by many racing game players, as well as sim racers, for their fantastic racing titles that will have gotten many into racing games, and sim racing. We wish Bizarre's former staff the very best in their future endeavours and thank them for their contribution to the racing game industry.
  2. RIP Bizarre Creations.
  3. Sad news....... :frown:
  4. very sad :frown: PGR 4 is my favourite arcade racer of all time...
  5. RIP. Its a sad sad day when we loose a gaming company let alone one that did the cool games they did. I still have my f1 97 game as I think it is one of the best f1 games there have been. I wish all the staff good luck in what they do next.
  6. PGR4 probably killed them off, it was terrible! PGR2 and 3 were great though.
  7. Sad News when any racing game company shuts down.

    Should of gone more SIM though and kept it PC Only... instead of being bossed around by FAT CAT Company Bosses - That are only chasing the golden carrot of a million+ console sales.
  8. That's a shame. Blur's actually a bit of crazy arcade type fun when you get into it...
  9. They made the best ever Formula 1 games on a console until this season with codemasters taking up the title.